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Best Fitness Trackers To Boost Your Muscle Gains

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We all know the mainstream wearables and their mainstream data points. It’s like they are all following the same data guidelines. Track steps, calories, distance, sleep, repeat. But what if your goals are different than simply being more active or losing weight? Using wearables to track goals like muscle building or increasing your lifts can be difficult.  However, to remedy that problem we’ve tracked down some of the best wearables geared towards building muscle and lifting more in the gym. Whether you are looking to pack on leaner mass or better track your reps these devices will get you seeing results faster.

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#1 Skulpt Aim: Hand Held Body Fat Monitor











About the size of a retro iPod, Skulpt is for those who want in-depth data on their muscle building progress. With the ability to track overall body fat percentage quickly and accurately, local fat percentage in 24 different areas and identify relative strength of muscles and muscle quality of 24 muscle groups. The device uses EIM technology. This is a technique in which a current is applied directly to each muscle using optimized electrode configurations and frequencies. As a result, the current flows past the subcutaneous fat and through the muscle in a much more controlled fashion, for greater accuracy.

#2 Beast Sensor: Never Lift The Same Again










Beast sensor streams data about strength, power or speed for each lift on your smartphone or tablet in real-time. For example, the information in the Beast app will allow you to determine the optimal weight to lift and the number of reps to perform to reach your training goal faster. Also, you can review your performances set by set and compare your actual performances with the past. The innovative wearable comes from an Italian based company. The team is made up of aerospace engineers, strength and conditioning coaches and sports enthusiasts who are passionate about technology and its applications to sport and fitness.

#3 Strenx by Gymwatch: Form Building Wearabilty 











A major element of building muscle faster and increasing your weight is using proper form. That’s why German-based company Gymwatch created Strenx. A ground-breaking wearable that was made to improve your form. GymWatch captures the full range of motion and can tell you if you’re doing a certain exercise too fast or too slow. Also, during your workout, I provide you with immediate audio-visual feedback. Helping make sure you’re doing it with the correct form.

#4 PUSH Band 2.0: Data For Even The Toughest Workout 











For comprehensive data on a myriad of movement, PUSH Band 2.0 is here to help you train harder. Collecting velocity data for over 250 exercises in real-time. Instantly measure jump heights and reactive strength, or submaximally test 1RMs. PUSH is made for the highly competitive. Essentially, the device quantifies every movement. Helping you to see where you can push yourself harder. However, PUSH is not limited to body movements. You can also attach a second tracker to barbells to track your lifts as well. Therefore, this device is able to track your entire muscle building routine. 

#5 Athos: Bio-Metric For Your Whole Body 











 A weightlifting tracker is a brilliant way to keep yourself motivated and disciplined. Having electronic reminders that you need to lift today is sometimes all that you need to keep weightlifting a firm part of your routine. Athos trackers snap into the matching apparel to collect and analyze data from the garment’s sensors and deliver that data to your mobile app via Bluetooth. For example, the Athos men’s compression shirt tracks exertion of the major upper-body muscle groups: pecs, biceps, triceps, deltoids, lats, and traps. For the competitive among you, there is nothing better like scrolling back through the weightlifting statistics on your fitness tracker. Because of that, you will see the number of reps that you have been increasing month by month or that you have been great at keeping to your weekly weight lifting regime.

#6 Hykso: The Ulitmate Boxing Tracker











Hykso is the ultimate boxing wearable offering a pair of trackers. One to fit under each of your hand wraps — that keep tabs on the number of punches you throw, as well as the type and speed. Also offers the Intensity Score metric through its companion app, which is central to your use of the trackers. This measures the output exertion of the punching motion. With this beginning at 0 at the start of each round before increasing through measuring velocity, type and how well speed is generated behind the punch. Essentially, this provides fighters with a benchmark to track their effort during a workout. Hykso recently introduced its new Fightcamp boxing-fitness classes that embrace the punch trackers to monitor performance and ensure you’re getting a proper sweat on.

There you have it! A round-up of some fitness trackers for muscle building. Do you have a favorite fitness tracker? Are you working towards muscle building goals? Let us know in the comments what your goals and favorites are! 

Lesley George

Lesley is a content writer and community manager at Shape.