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Fit-Tech Feature: Polar Team Shirt (Literal Seamless Tracking)

Tired of wearing the extra fitness tracking accessories when you workout? You’re not alone. Sometimes the little robots meant to…
20 Minute Fitness Podcast

Tips on Self-Monitoring & Creating Actionable Fitness Goals

On this week's podcast of 20 Minute Fitness, we talk about how to create an effective fitness goal. Fitness goals…

Best SMART Goal Setting Method To Accelerate Your Fitness

We all have made goals. I made a goal that I would learn french back in December and it is…
Fit-Tech Feature

Fit-Tech Feature Lumo Run: Annihilate Your Run With Data

Have you ever been running and asked yourself, am I doing this right? Although running seems super simplistic, there are…
Fit-Tech Feature

Fit-Tech Feature: Skiin (Genius Underwear That Tracks Fitness)

Wearable tech is a fantastic way to gain key insight into your health and fitness habits. These popular accessories are…