20 Minute Fitness Podcast

Mindful Eating: How to Stay in Shape With This Simple Trick – 20 Minute Fitness #009

Mindful eating is not some sort of crash diet nor is it about giving up the foods you love and…

Avoid these 7 Metabolism Killing Mistakes if You Want to Lose Weight

A slow metabolism can be the death of weight loss. Here are 7 mistakes you could be making right now…
20 Minute Fitness Podcast

Intermittent Fasting: Everything You Need to Know

Intermittent fasting is the diet that everyone wants to know about. There have been countless of success stories that showcase…

The 6 Most Effective Fitness and Nutrition Apps in 2017

Fitness comes in many different forms. To ensure you keep on track of your diet and exercise plan, you occasionally…

What Science Teaches Us About Food Cravings [Facts and Great Tips]

Cravings are felt by everyone. Almost 100% of young women and 70% of young men have had this feeling. But…