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Why Matteo Franceschetti Built Eight Sleep The Game Changers In Smart Sleep

This week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we have the founder of another Y-Combinator startup. A guy who was…
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The Ultimate Sleep Trackers To Fight Insomnia

Why We Need Good Sleep We all sleep differently. Some like to stay up until the late hours of the…
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Why Should I Use A Heart Rate Monitor?

Training with a heart rate monitor is beneficial for runners of all levels. Competitive runners can carefully gauge their progress…
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The Best Health Apps For My Apple Watch

Health and fitness is all about long term and sustainable goals supported by daily habits. So what better way to…
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Equipment You Need To Build The Best Home Gym For 2019

High Tech Home Gym Upgrades  Nothing makes a home gym better than a few high tech upgrades. We’ve put together…