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Our Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Buffs [Podcast Edition]

Still looking for a present to buy for a colleague, friend or loved one that is really into fitness and…
Fit-Tech Feature

Weekly Feature – The OURA Ring [Smart Ring and Sleep Tracker]

The OURA activity and sleep tracking ring is designed to be the first wearable that you will never have to…
Fit-Tech Feature

Weekly Feature – the Pavlok [Smart Wearable]

Pavlok is a wearable designed to help you quit your bad habits. By shocking yourself, you can program your brain…
Fit-Tech Feature

Weekly Feature: Apple Watch Series 3 – The Best All-Around Smartwatch

The Apple Watch Series 3 is here. The Apple Watch now enables you to leave your phone at home and…
Fit-Tech Feature

Weekly Feature: the New Fitbit Ionic – Fitbit’s Answer to the Apple Watch

The Fitbit Ionic is packed with amazing features. Store up to 300 songs on your watch and track your workouts…