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Gear Up With Breakthrough Smart Cycling Wearables

Gear up with the latest cycling tech to reach new peaks. From cutting-edge safety accessories to tech that will transform…
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7 Running Wearables That Will Transform The Way You Move

Running wearables have come a long way since your basic GPS tracker. Now with the latest line of wearables, you…
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The Best 7 Virtual Training Apps To Download

#1 Nike Training Club Biggest Feature: Workouts By Celebrity Trainers and Athletes Pros: The training app has a very large…
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Conquer Sleep With Biohacking & High Tech Sleep Tracking

In this episode of 20 Minute Fitness, we further explore why getting adequate sleep tracking is so important for our…
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Fit-Tech Feature: Polar Team Shirt (Literal Seamless Tracking)

Tired of wearing the extra fitness tracking accessories when you workout? You’re not alone. Sometimes the little robots meant to…