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The ShapeScale $200 Lorna Jane Gift Card Giveaway Winner Is…

ShapeScale’s $200 Lorna Jane Gift Card Giveaway officially arrived to its end. So who’s the lucky winner?🙄

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The ShapeScale $200 Lorna Jane Gift Card Giveaway!

Win The Ultimate Wardrobe Makeover with a $200 Lorna Jane Gift Card. Enter now!

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How Virtual Reality Will Get You In Shape

Companies are merging the addictive qualities and immersion of video games with the health and fitness effects of working out to break the great gym boredom problem.


Let’s be honest. Your gym is a terribly tedious place. Sitting on a stationary bike or a treadmill is very monotonous and probably the most boring activity. You stare at the bleak walls, or desperately try to avoid making eye contact with neighbouring rows of sweating calorie haters. Even with a pair of headphones and a TV screen, gym don’t make for very inspiring environment. No wonder many of us skip workouts. Luckily VR is creating new ways for people to get in shape. Companies are merging the addictive qualities and immersion of video games with the health and fitness effects of working out to break the great gym boredom problem.

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Top Health & Fitness Gadgets

So you’ve got your gym membership and a truly inspired athletic wardrobe. What you need now is a tool to take your workout to the next level. We picked the best fitness and wellness gadgets that deliver true results. From tracker wristbands to intelligent forks. There is something for everyone. Find which tracker fits you best. 


BackBeat Fit

Enjoy hands-free calls and music during your workout 

To many of us, a pair of earbuds is almost as imperative as a bottle of water to complete our workouts. Backbeat FIT are the best wireless Bluetooth headphones. The flexible design means the earbuds remain stable in your ear throughout all levels of intensity. Easily accessible on-ear controls allow you to control your music and calls without interrupting your workout. These headphones are waterproof and sweatproof so you can wear them even for the most intense workouts. They have a long lasting battery life, with 8 hours of wireless listening time per charge. Lastly, the earbuds are unsealed which allows users to hear their surrounding during outdoor activities, especially useful for runners and cyclists.

WHERE TO GET THEM: Buy BackBeat Fit, $75

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17 Gorgeous Healthy Gifts For Fitness Buffs

It is the time of the year again! We get together and gift our loved ones a little something to share a little happiness with one another. If you happen to know someone who is into fitness, running or weight lifting then we have just the right fitness gift ideas for you at all price-points.


1. Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews ($9.99)

Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews

Bigger Leaner Stronger by Mike Matthews is the one book that encompasses great guidelines for both exercise and nutrition if you want to build muscle, lose fat and generally look great and healthy in no time. There are a ton of interesting health and fitness books out there but if you can only buy one, but this one!

 2. Sport Socks (from $10)

Sport Socks

There are a variety of sport socks out there and they make for a great stocking filler item. We think the low-cut Thirty48 Running Socks are the best value for your money to feel cushioned and comfortable when running, cycling, or playing tennis.

3. Hand Gripper ($13.99)

 Hand Grippers
Another great stocking filler are hand grippers. They provide for great hand and forearm strength and can be easily even used at your desk job. Like with the socks there is plenty of choice around and we believe the fitness hand grippers offer the best quality for your money. Tip: We recommend to start with a low 100 lbs size, you’ll thank us later.

4. TriggerPoint Foam Roller ($25)

 TriggerPoint Foam Roler
We discovered ourselves how useful a foam roller can be to those who frequently exercise. A foam roller allows you to apply pressure to specific points on your body to accelerate the recovery of your muscles. If you want to workout multiple times a week a foam roller is a must have! We recommend the TriggerPoint for its high quality and dense material.

 5. Fitbit FitStar Subscription ($39) 3- Fitstar

The Fitbit Fitstar app for iOS and Android is a great way to keep motivated and workout HIIT bodyweight workouts at home. This is great for anyone who wants to lose weight or become a little bit stronger and doesn’t have the time to go to the gym. The Fitter app offers anything from short 7 minute workouts to longer 30 minute ones.

 6. DEXA/DXA scan (from $45)

Is your friend trying to get in a better shape? Maybe you’d want to gift him or her a Dexa scan. A Dexa scan is a bone density measurement that allows you to exactly measure how much fat and lean mass you posses in all your body. It doesn’t quite show you how you look but it’s a good enough to give you a data point that is better than your weight to measure your progress.
We recommend BodySpec or DexaFit in the United States.


7. Everlast Heavy Bag Kit (from $55)

Everlast Heavy Bag Kit

Everlast offers a variety of punching bag kits that come with everything you need to unload all the stress that you’ve worked up over the week. It’s also a great upper arm and cardio workout!

Available on Walmart.com 

8. Gap Fit Women’s Motion Leggings ($69)

Gap Fit Women's Leggings

These leggings not only keep sweat away from your skin but they also look damn sexy. These are perfect for running, TRX, cycling and yoga.

Available on Amazon.

9. Rogue Gym Pack ($75)

 Rogue Fitness Gym Pack
The Rogue gym pack is your perfect carry-all duffel bag for all favorite gear that you need to lurk around. It’s made out of extremely durable Nylon material and can also take a beating. Perfect for any regular gym rat!

10. Under Armour Men’s ColdGear® Infrared Run Lite Jacket ($75-99)

Under Armor Jacket

The Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Run Jacket is the ideal running jacket for colder climates. The jacket is wind proof and comes with a  thermo-conductive inner coating that will protect its wearer from cold winter chills despite its ultra low weight.

11. Sophia Jump Rope ($79 pre-order)

Sophia Jump Rope

The Sophia Jump Rope is a Kickstarter backed fitness gadget that is due to be released by 2016. Skipping rope is definitely one of the best all-body cardio workouts that you can do and allows you to burn more energy than with many other exercises such as running. The best of it is that you can easily do it at home. Sophia adds a smart twist to it and allows you to log your jump rope workouts and improve your velocity and count of your jumps.

12. JLab Epic Bluetooth 4.0 ($99)

JLab Earphones

The JLab Epic Bluetooth earphones are hands-down the best sports earphones you can buy for anyone active. They are not only sweat but also IPX4 waterproof and come with top of the line battery life of over 10 hours.


13. ClassPass ($119+)

If you are looking for something more extravagant, you may want to check out ClassPass. For $119 you get to join classes such as Yoga, Kickboxing, Pilates, Bootcamps, TRX classes and many more at health clubs in your area. There is surely something in there for anyone.

14. Fitbit HR ($119-149)

Fitbit Surge
The Fitbit HR is arguably the best fitness tracker for less than $200 that you can buy. It’s not only the most accurate step tracker but also hooks up with Fitbit’s popular social ecosystem. Aside from step tracking the Fitbit HR also tracks your resting/active heart rate and displays all of it on a legible screen.

15. Garmin Vivoactive ($169-$249) Garmin Vivoactive

The Garmin Vivoactive is a combination fitness & smart watch. It’s perfect for your friend or family member who is really into running, golfing, swimming or biking. The watch features an integrated GPS sensor that allows accurate distance tracking for all your favorite sports.

16. TrekDesk Treadmill Desk ($499)

Treadmill Desk

Sitting a lot? Then the TrekDesk Treadmill standing desk paired with a treadmill or elliptical trainer could bring some fresh wind into your lucky someone’s daily routine.

17. Adventure Vacation

Adventure Vacation

If you think your special someone is ready for a vacation, why not give them a gift card or self-made coupon towards a trip. There are plenty of kayaking, surfing, diving, hiking, rock climbing, mountain-biking and skiing/snowboarding trips waiting all around the globe. If you need some inspirations check out TripAdvisor’s top Adventure Vacations.

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