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7 Running Wearables That Will Transform The Way You Move

Running wearables have come a long way since your basic GPS tracker. Now with the latest line of wearables, you…
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Fit-Tech Feature Lumo Run: Annihilate Your Run With Data

Have you ever been running and asked yourself, am I doing this right? Although running seems super simplistic, there are…
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Weekly Feature – Runtastic Pull-Ups [App]

Looking to grow lats big enough to make you fly? You need to download the Runtastic Pull-up app. Follow their…

A Great 1-Month Training Plan for a Spartan Race [Downloadable]

Team Shape will soon be tackling a Spartan Race. This blog post details our 1-Month Training Plan. Find out about…

5 Ways to Burn 500 Calories Each Day [To Lose a Pound a Week]

We compiled a list of the best 5, boredom-free and fat-blasting workouts. Lose a pound a week by trimming 500…