I Got Scanned with ShapeScale – Find out now What Happened

A Photo-Realistic 3D Avatar and My Eye-Opening Experience

Beyond numbers

Recording changes with body metrics allows you to easily track and compare progress over time. This is exactly why we’re building ShapeScale. We want to inspire body transformation and help keep people motivated and accountable by measuring your physique and building a story of how it’s progressing.

However, it’s not all about the numbers. Like any good story, pictures add another dimension. When it comes to fitness progress, a photo can be a highly motivational tracking method. While a standard scale might say you haven’t made any progress, ShapeScale scans certainly can. Here is my personal experience of my first scan with ShapeScale.

the real me

You might have been wondering who is this Wiktoria person who is writing all these awesome articles and why is her name spelled so weird. So let me introduce myself. I’m a student from England and was lucky enough to get an internship at Shape. Every day has truly been a blast but one particular day tops it all. It is the day I got to try out ShapeScale!

I admit I was quite nervous at the start. I did not know what to expect. The result?

Quite a remarkable one.

I was astonished at how realistic my 3D avatar was. At that moment it occurred to me how startlingly different our perception of ourselves and the way other people see us is.

ShapeScale scan

We are all more obsessed with our own appearance than we like to admit. This is not an indication of vanity but concern. A concern with how others view us. Thanks to the media, we have become accustomed to extremely rigid and uniform standards of beauty.Women are socialized in Western societies to believe their bodies are never thin enough and men are not immune from body dissatisfaction either.

But we’re not even close to objective when it comes to judging our reflection in the mirror. We all focus on our imperfections. We obsess over parts we want to change or take away. That bump on your friend’s nose? It’s her trademark! It gives her character. But to you, that thing on YOUR nose is downright disfiguring. I remember a time with my friend when I was getting ready to go out for dinner when suddenly she broke into tears. She refused to leave the house because she felt fat. To me, she looked stunning.

distorted self image

Our opinion of our own looks is also capricious: You can feel absolutely beautiful in the morning but in the evening you can barely look at your own reflection. These fluctuations can be really emotionally exhausting. As a college student, I used to skip classes every time I ate something “unhealthy” for lunch as it made me feel twice my size and I thought other people could see it too.

That’s a time I wish I had ShapeScale. My ShapeScale scan is free from distortions and my own biases. It is not tinged and colored by emotional experiences or context. It is objective. For the first time, I saw how I truly looked. From a distance, up-close, from every angle. The whole package. I was truly amazed at the amount of detail ShapeScale could detect. It did not miss a single freckle on my nose!


world sees me

The experience is almost impossible to put into words. It is so much different from seeing yourself in a mirror or a photo. The mirror is not an accurate depiction of what you look like from the outside. Remember that when you look in a mirror, you are seeing a reversed image of yourself. Further, when you’re looking in a mirror, you’re generally face-on. This is just one version of you. ShapeScale scans, however, are taken from all the different angles and therefore are closest to the truth.

Essentially a mirror is all perceptive. It presents you with a very personal view, and you’re the only person that has this view in the world. The ShapeScale scan, coupled with all the data measurements is objective and has opened my eyes to how the world around me sees me.

It is also very different to how you see yourself in photos. Remember that a photo is 2D. While what we see in a mirror is 3D, there are certain parts that are never revealed to us. I can see my back in a mirror or on a photo, but both are flat representations. With ShapeScale, for the first time, I saw my body from a completely new angle. Seeing the curve of my back, the way my shoulders sloped – the way I would look if it belonged to someone else standing in front of me, has been an alarming experience.

Tracking Change

Likewise, neither a photo nor a mirror can help us accurately measure change. We’ve previously talked about how easy it is to fake a “before and after” body transformation photos.

before and after photo

“Before and after” photos – taken only 30 seconds apart

Further, both of the methods fail at detecting small changes. These take place every day but the mirror and human eye cannot notice it. Not being able to see how your efforts translate to progress can be detrimental to motivation and is one of the key reasons why people give up. ShapeScale’s daily body scans together with a time-lapse video allow for the tiniest body changes to be seen and therefore celebrated, keeping you motivated to keep going.

Image You can trust

ShapeScale presented me with a reality I’ve never seen before. I found myself staring at my 3D model for almost an hour; rotating, zooming in and out with my mouth wide open. I found it so fascinating. It was like I’ve never seen myself before. My legs did not look like tree chunks as I imagined them to be and the right side of my face does not look better than my left, they looked pretty much the same!

This is when I realized ShapeScale is so much more than a bathroom scale. It can help us understand our body better so we can take better care of it. ShapeScale can help you start loving the parts you hated and improve the parts you don’t like.


The fascination with beauty penetrates society worldwide. The indulgence to look and feel beautiful pervades all ages, genders, and nationality. Although some dissatisfaction with one’s appearance is common and normal, some people display an excessive preoccupation with some typically minor or altogether imagined flaw in their appearance.

People suffering from eating disorders like anorexia or those who have body dysmorphic disorder think they’re fat, ugly, or abnormal. Some even feel as if they look monstrous. I think ShapeScale has the power to help people suffering from these life-threatening disorders. It can help people understand and adjust their perception of their body shape.

fb comments

mirror lies

No matter how much weight is lost, the person with anorexia will constantly see themselves as overweight. It is very hard for people on the “outside” to try to and convince them that their image is distorted because they literally cannot look in the mirror and see the same person that everyone else sees.

ShapeScale allows you to perceive yourself from the outside and therefore deliver a clearer image than the inside perspective can provide. Presenting them with accurate body measurements and how they change or remain the same over time can reduce body-image distortion, allowing people to view their body shapes more realistically.

Men suffering from bigorexia, for example, may recognize that other men are muscular but think they themselves are not, despite similar body dimensions. ShapeScale will be able to help them by comparing their body with the bodies of other men of similar measurements, showing they look just as good as the others.

more than a scale

With cameras and mirrors, it’s almost impossible to know what you truly look like. Ultimately, we are a mystery to ourselves. However, ShapeScale will change that, by revealing a body image we can trust.


Wiktoria Banda

Wiktoria is a content writer and illustrator at Shape.


  1. I’m actually that excited for this. Both my partner and I are big gym people, and she is doing competitions so this is going to be perfect.

  2. Nice article Wiktoria! I have been following the Shapescale for sometime now. I have experienced too often seeing the numbers going up in the gym, numbers changing on the scale and numbers going up on the tape… Only to see little to no change at all in the mirror. So I’ve quit looking in the mirror :). I am interested in seeing how well Shapescale works, both from the “true image of self” and the analytical side to drive change in areas that need growth.

  3. Wow it looks so life like! is it safe to stand on that scale with the thing spinning around? does it take long time? can I see my visual instantly?

    1. Hello Jay,
      It is completely safe as you are not being rotated; instead the robotic arm rotates around you. In other words, all you do is stand still for 30 seconds. At the moment it takes 15 minutes to process all the data and see it on the app.

  4. Good article about the future of this technology, but I’m afraid it’s very misleading.

    Firstly it’s quite clear that a scale like that shown in your header image could not possibly have created the 3D scan you’ve embedded here, it has captured 98% of your body from head to toe, as you said it did not miss a freckle on top of your nose, this would be impossible from the low angle shown in the mock-up of your product.

    There are many ways you could create the 3D model of you embedded here, photogrammetry being the most likely, but none of them are quick or easy, having tried this myself with several professional products I can safely say this would take several hours of work to attain the quality shown above, even with several hundred photos taken from multiple angles.

    I love the idea of this product and would love to get behind it, but it shows all the signs of a crowdfunding campaign that aims to get orders placed and money paid before being able to show a working product, that will inevitably lead to disappointing customers with a product performing ~20% of the promised functionality.

    I hope I’m wrong, but to prove that you’re going to have to explain how the ‘shapescale’ actually created the above model rather than discussing the benefit of the result.

    I look forward to hearing your response.

    1. Hi Leigh,

      First of all It’s a good thing that you are skeptical, we have also been very disappointed in the past when startups could not deliver things they promised (Skully helmet, Zano drone,..) or even seemed like downright scams (Skarp Razor,…). This is the exact reason why we have not launched ShapeScale yet and we will launch only when it is ready.

      I understand your feelings and concerns about what we are doing and I assure you that we are not trying to mislead or scam anyone. As of today we are not selling any product on our website and we will be transparent on what the product is and does before selling it.

      You are right that we cannot take a full body scan with the product as it is shown in the image and the video. This is the reason why we have completely rethought the product since then. What you see in the video and on the website is different from the product that we are going to market and sell. The camera and sensors are indeed going now much much higher.

      I can also tell you that we are not using photogrammetry for the 3D model generation as this would indeed require too much processing power and time. We are using a combination of an infrared structured light sensor and a RGB camera. While this is more costly on the hardware side than just using a RGB camera alone, this provides us both RGB and precise depth data and reduce the amount of time required create to the 3D model and the texture.

      I understand this may seems like few explanation for the moment and you may want to know more. So please tell us what you would like to know and we will put it in the tech focused blog posts scheduled right before the launch.

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