The ShapeScale at CES 2018

Our Wrap-Up of the Biggest Consumer Electronics Event of the Year

What is CES?

CES stands for the Consumer Electronics Show, which is held every in Las Vegas to exhibit the latest in consumer technologies. Companies from across the world are invited to showcase their product and make connections with colleagues interested in their tech.  This past convention in January of 2018 was ShapeScale’s second appearance at CES after debuting the product at the 2017 convention. Here is our article detailing our follow up into CES 2018.

The Hardware Club and ShapeScale

ShapeScale is a member of the Hardware Club which is community-based venture firm for hardware startups. The Hardware Club chose ShapeScale among its community members to showcase at CES 2018.

Having attended CES the previous year we were excited to have this opportunity again and connect with people who were interested in ShapeScale’s future. The Hardware Club themselves wrote an article outlining the companies that were chosen to attend the convention.

Coverage of ShapeScale at CES 2018

With our booth placed in Eureka Park, ShapeScale was met with intrigued attendees and media outlets, among them, was the BBC.  You can read their experience with ShapeScale here.

Geek News Central also wrote about their experience with ShapeScale at CES, while also including a great video. International Business Times also featured ShapeScale in their review of the latest technology to hit the convention floor this year.   It was awesome to see such an interest in ShapeScale and our technology. We had such a great time sharing the product with as many people as we could and spreading the word about ShapeScale!

Connections Made

Again, it was fantastic to meet so many people interested in ShapeScale. During the convention, our team was able to talk with people looking to grow ShapeScale in new ways. Including talks about potential partnerships with prominent gym chain 24 Hour Fitness and the professional basketball team Miami Heat.

Exiting conversations were started about bringing ShapeScale distribution to the world of Amazon in the future.

 As well as connecting with people outside of the fitness industry such as Perry Ellis to discuss the application of ShapeScale in the fashion industry. The producer of Sharktank also dropped by to look into potentially auditioning to be a part of the show.

Needless to say, many exciting developments were made this year at CES. We very much look forward to sharing more experiences like this in future and hope to make many of these conversations to reality in the near future.

If you are interested in hearing more about our experience at CES 2018 you can listen to our podcast and hear Team Shape Member Charlie do a recap!

Lesley George

Lesley is a content writer and community manager at Shape.