ShapeScale Announces Future Partnership Intent With Atlas Wearables, Fitbod & MyMacros+

Plans To Further Advance Personal Health & Fitness Tracking

San Francisco, CA (October 23, 2018) — ShapeScale to leverage data collected by Atlas Wearables, Fitbod & MyMacros+ to be able to correlate users’ workout and nutrition data with their body measurements and ultimately increase the comprehensiveness of feedback provided on users’ health & fitness

Shape Labs Inc., the San Francisco based innovative consumer electronics startup building a cutting-edge 3D scanning body scale, ShapeScale, announced their intent on future integrations with fitness tracking devices from Atlas Wearables, and digital health & fitness apps, Fitbod and MyMacros+. Shape’s goal with the future integrations is to further enhance ShapeScale’s value for their customers by creating an opportunity for users to integrate the data gained through complimentary devices and services with their ShapeScale app. This way customers will be able to access and benefit from a network of the most advanced health & fitness technologies today. 

Atlas Wearables: ShapeScale will be working with Atlas Wearables in the future to import physical activity data collected by the Atlas Wearable devices to the ShapeScale mobile application and to export body measurements data captured and collected by the ShapeScale device to the Atlas mobile application. Correlating the users’ workout data with their body measurements will result in both companies’ increased ability to provide more comprehensive feedback and more accurate recommendations to their users. In particular, users will be able to see which exercises are yield the expected results and which ones are not based on how their bodies have been changing over time. 
 “A future app integration between Atlas and ShapeScale could be the perfect way to understand how your workout programs and the exercises you complete affect how your body changes and improves over time.” — said Peter Li, CEO & Co-Founder or Atlas Wearables. 

Fitbod: Initially ShapeScale will be partnering with Fitbod to provide their users with an accessible and highly advanced solution to strength training. ShapeScale customers will receive a discount on their Fitbod subscription to encourage the use of a tool — the Fitbod app — that can provide a perfect guidance for strength training.

Future collaborations with Fitbod will follow a fairly similar approach to that with Atlas Wearables. ShapeScale will import workout data logged in the Fitbod mobile application to the ShapeScale mobile application and export body measurements data captured and collected by the ShapeScale device to the Fitbod mobile application. This way users will be able to get accurate and timely feedback on their workout plans and see how certain exercises affect their bodies. Ultimately, users will be able to get a more detailed insight into the results of their training plans and follow more precise training regiments recommendations based on their body composition data. 

“The initial integration of ShapeScale and Fitbod will be one of a complementary tool to help users of ShapeScale achieve the strength and weight loss results they are seeking, by offering them an inexpensive and easy to use peace of technology that uses AI to determine workouts for a specific person, not a general population. Further down the line, perhaps we can see our finalized workouts entered from a user integrate with the ShapeScale software to inform users, that they are hitting the target areas that they wish to see results in according to ShapeScale.” — said Jesse Padilla, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Fitbod.

MyMacros+: The future partnership with MyMacros+ will allow ShapeScale to import nutrition data collected by the MyMacros+ mobile application to the ShapeScale mobile application and to export body measurements data captured and collected by the ShapeScale device to the MyMacros+ mobile application. Correlating the users’ nutrition data with their body measurements will enable users to get a detailed insight into how their diet affects their bodies. Users will be able to get a more accurate and faster feedback on whether their dieting efforts are paying off as expected and will be able to base their future decision on such feedback.

“As technology advances and becomes more accessible the possibilities for advanced health monitoring are immense. The more you are able to know and keep tracking about your body the more likely you are to thrive in whatever your goals may be. With the innovation of ShapeScale we are very excited to allow our users to track their progress in a new dimension” — said Jason Loewy, Founder & Lead Developer at MyMacros+

Ultimately, these future partnerships will allow ShapeScale to provide users with the most comprehensive and advanced solution for reaching their health & fitness goals, a tool-kit that will guide them from start to finish of their fitness journeys.

“ShapeScale is the most advanced method of personal health & fitness tracking today. We are providing our customers with a device that will allow them to measure their body composition in a fast, accurate and convenient way. However, we believe that these benefits can be taken even further by collaborating with other innovative fitness companies. Tight integrations with fitness tracking devices, like the Atlas wearables, and exercise and nutrition tracking services, like the Fitbod and the MyMacros+ apps, will enable users to get even better insights into their dieting and training programs.

Thanks to these integrations, users will be able to understand, whether certain exercises result in desired outcomes, and see if specific dieting efforts are paying off as expected. With such insights our customers will be able to get a 360 picture of their health & fitness progress and make smarter decisions than ever before.“ — said Martin Kessler, COO & Co-Founder of ShapeScale

About Shape Labs, Inc. 

Shape Labs, Inc. is a consumer electronics startup determined to create cutting-edge products that connect the human body with technology in a magical way. Shape’s first product is ShapeScale, the next generation of scales that completely revolutionizes personal health & fitness tracking. 

ShapeScale is the first of its kind 3D scanning body scale that scans and digitizes the your body in less than a minute. With ShapeScale you’re able to follow how your body has been changing over time in a more advanced and accurate manner than ever before.

ShapeScale uses a method similar to the one used in hydrostatic weighing, which is one of the most accurate methodologies to capture accurate body composition information. As a result, in addition to metrics like your simple body weight number and body girth measurements, ShapeScale is able to provide you with not only overall, but also localized body fat and lean mass metrics. 

In addition to the highly accurate body measurements data, the ShapeScale app uses your photorealistic 3D avatar to augment the numeric data with your body model. This way creating a truly visual and interactive experience for your everyday fitness tracking.

The ShapeScale app will have the following functions:

  • Heat Map that visually shows where you have been losing fat and/or gaining muscles with color-coded 3D variation heat maps.
  • Difference view, which compares your body shape at two given points in time and visualizes areas of growth and reduction with transparent 3D overlays.
  • 3D Timelapse, which is a timelapse of how your body shape has been changing over time. A function that will be shareable on social media opening up new avenues towards a community-centric health & fitness journey

Finally the ShapeScale device has no display and uses Artificial Intelligence instead to provide instant personalized audio feedback. This feature coupled with the highly accurate body measurements data and its visual presentation make ShapeScale more than just a health & fitness tracker. ShapeScale will become your full-time fitness buddy who provides encouragement along with meaningful visual and audio feedback. 

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About Atlas Wearables

Atlas Wearables is a leading wearable fitness trackers company with innovative technologies that have completely revolutionized the idea of strength training tracking. Atlas Wearables currently have two fitness trackers on the market.

Atlas Wristband2 removes the burden of manual tracking entirely. The first ever fitness wearable that automatically identifies your exercises, records reps and essential data to showcase your workouts in great detail. Atlas also tracks calories and heart rate, but these are just the beginning.

You can create custom workouts with custom exercises or select them from our library of over 300 of the most popular exercises. If you bring your workouts on your Wristband 2, you get automatic workout timers and countdowns with haptic feedback.

The Shape Band tracks your workouts and exercise progress, features Audio Guided Workouts and has 24/7 wellness tracking, including steps and sleep tracking. It counts your exercise reps, tracks your heart-rate, and monitors your progress automatically. You can access a number of workouts from the Atlas library and get step-by-step guidance from a virtual trainer. Look for workouts based on trainer, equipment, or intensity. 

When you buy an Atlas, you’re buying an ever-evolving ecosystem. Your Atlas app will notify you when there are new exercises, expanded metrics and additional features available.
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Peter Li | CEO & Co-Founder |

About Fitbod, Inc.

Fitbod is a fitness app that provides a personalized exercise plan designed to push your limits. Get stronger, faster with Fitbod! Fitbod’s powerful technology is designed to plan your workouts based on a variety of factors while ensuring no muscle group is being left behind. Some factors include:

  • Fitness Goals
  • Fitness Experience Level
  • Available Equipment
  • Desired Workout Duration
  • Muscle Recovery

After the first couple workouts, Fitbod will begin to learn your strength-training ability and to maximize your fitness gains, it will intelligently plan workouts with varying intensity (weight) and volume (sets/reps) between sessions. The app keeps your gym sessions fresh and fun by mixing up your workouts with new exercises and maximizing the use of your available gym equipment. 

For beginner strength-trainers, Fitbod will help you find the confidence to try new exercises and gym equipment. Learn the correct movements from over 400 HD Demonstration Videos with instructions.

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About MyMacros+

No matter if you want to lose weight, bulk up, or maintain a healthy lifestyle My Macros+ is the diet tracking app for you. My Macros+ is the only diet tracking app made by a fitness professional. Created after years of frustration with the diet tracking apps that the market had to offer, we are proud to bring you the complete diet tracking solution. 

MyMacros+ lets you to set your nutrition goals by gram or percentage allowing for specific dieting preferences, like carbs cycling or low/high days. Have as many meals as you’d like, check your daily nutrition breakdowns and track you body weight with beautifully designed graphs. 

MyMacros+ has a database of 5+ million foods, which makes tracking food quick and easy. And even if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always add your food in as little as 3 taps to the screen. With the barcode scanner feature and built-in foods from popular restaurant brands, tracking has never been simpler.

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Forward-Looking Statements
This press release contains forward-looking statements, within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, that involve risks and uncertainties including our ability to provide any of the data integrations in discussion; and any future definitive collaboration with Atlas Wearables, Fitbod, Inc. and MyMacros+. 

While these forward-looking statements represent our current judgement, they are only predictions and may differ materially from actual results due to a variety of factors. These factors include a number of risks and uncertainties, such as forces of the competitive industry we operate in; and inability to successfully develop any necessary databases for the integrations. All forward-looking statements contained herein are based on our current knowledge and judgement of the situation and hence, we are not obligating ourselves to review or publicly release the results of any revision to these forward-looking statements in light of new information or future events.


Lilla Laczo

Lilla is a content writer and community manager at Shape.