The Complete ShapeScale Feature Guide

All features explained and how they will help you achieving your goals.

By now you’ve probably learned that ShapeScale is a 3D scanning body scale that will take your fitness tracking to the next level. But let me show you exactly how it works, how its features will help you in achieving your goals more effectively and why ShapeScale will not let you give up.


As a first step, you’ll simply need to jump on your ShapeScale and wait while it’s doing the job. Its robotic sensor will rotate around your body, scan you from head to toe in less than a minute and create a point cloud of over two million points of your body shape. Using our RGB data we’ll then map your skin and clothing on top of your body model so you get a full picture of yourself.

The Shape Scan will first be sent to our server for processing. And once it’s done, your highly accurate photorealistic 3D avatar version will wave back to your from our mobile app. This scan will then help you to see yourself just like others do by eliminating any personal biases you may have against yourself. Imagine, you can finally meet with the real you. Additionally, I’m sure that occasionally we all struggle with checking out our own booties after a squat series in the gym… While the mirror is not a helpful buddy in this, ShapeScale’s 3D body scan is. It’s a 360 image that will let you see yourself from every possible angle easily. 😉


With ShapeScale you will never have to rely on a meaningless number and your own measurements again. It will provide you with localized body fat, localized lean mass, body girth measurements and show how they change over time. Skinfold measurements like body fat and lean mass are much better indicators when it comes to fitness goals than your body weight on its own. ShapeScale’s ability to provide localized skinfold data will allow you to adjust your training and dietary plans accordingly. Furthermore, you will be able to skip the hustle of manual girth measurement and will never have to worry about making a mistake again.

The first step towards your fitness goals is always the hardest, but what if I told you that ShapeScale can make it easier? That’s right. One of its upcoming features will let you forecast* your “future” which will definitely make you stand up from that couch. On the one hand, you’ll be able to see your positive “future” if you keep your training and dieting plans on track. On the other hand, it’ll also show you what happens if you remain a couch potato.

*This feature will not be one of the launch features, as it requires us to collect data first in order to provide accurate predictions.

As it’s not only motivation, but goal setting is also important to keep yourself moving, ShapeScale will help you set realistic fitness targets. We often fall into the trap of expecting too much in too little time from ourselves. When we set these unrealistic goals, it’s not a surprise that we fail to achieve them. No one really likes to fail, so I don’t even have to say that this often leads to giving up. Well, ShapeScale will finish off the ridiculous objectives and won’t let you give up. 👊

If you keep yourself moving, your body progresses all the time. Unfortunately, we are often not able to see this progression with bare eyes which can also be extremely demotivating. This is why ShapeScale will show you every little improvement even after a few days in the gym. Seeing your hard work paying off will make a huge difference. And trust me, your attitude in the gym will change as well. Lastly, seeing localized differences will also help you to identify the areas where you’re already succeeding and where you need to focus more.

ShapeScale in itself will provide you with the most comprehensive fitness data you’ll ever receive from a fitness tracker and a scale together. This data will help you in achieving your fitness goals by assigning meaning to the usual empty numbers. Additionally, the previously mentioned features will give you visual guidance and show faster than any other method how and where your body is progressing. Overall, ShapeScale will help you identify your best-fit workout and diet plans, make sense of the measurement data and support you along the way to achieve your fitness goals.

Which feature is your favorite? 😊


Lilla Laczo

Lilla is a content writer and community manager at Shape.