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Habits Are Hard To Break

Losing weight or getting into a better shape can be extremely challenging to the most of us. Why? Because sticking to a diet or weight loss program often equals a complete lifestyle change. You start to change everything only to later find yourself lapsing back. It’s simply to difficult to make such a change overnight.

We are animals of habits and habits are hard to change because, well, they’re habits. Changing all your habits will soon start feeling oppressive. The minute you have missed that one evening run or turned your cheat meal into a cheat day, you will feel like you are failing. Frustrated you fall back into your old habits, because it just doesn’t make sense.

Get Real & Start Small

Well, how about you don’t immediately go all in. Try to consider a few changes to your lifestyle that will make a difference. Ask yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you that you can do that every day for the next two weeks? If you are at least 90% confident then go for it. If not, then maybe you make it yourself a little easier until you just can’t say no.

For instance think about your breakfast. Do you think you could make yourself any of those breakfasts every single day over the next two weeks? No? Think smaller. How about a healthy meal replacement milkshake? Not quite as good as fresh food, but probably a step up over what you currently eat. Still can’t see yourself eating that? How about adding two tablespoons of ground flax seeds to your breakfast? Or some omega 3 fish oil?

By simplifying and owning realistic habits that suit fit into your life you will quickly start to feel more confident that you can take on bigger challenges.

Here are a five more habits that you can try to install…

  1. Drink More Water. No, you don’t need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. But how about you try one glass before every meal. Drinking water before your meals has been proven to make you feel more full and eat thus less.
  2. Sleep More. Are you sleeping less than 8 hours a day? Try to sleep an hour more. This will give your body more time to rest and recover.
  3. Eating alone a lot? How about you eat together more often. Have lunch with your colleagues, have dinner with your loved ones. You will find yourself eating better food and more slowly. Check out this article on the Atlantic on why eating together is so important not just to your physical health.
  4. Walk/Bike more. If you live in the city or suburbs you probably either drive a lot or constantly take the public transport. Often we could bike/walk small distances like when running errands or eating lunch during your break. Set yourself a target of what distances you could walk instead of taking your call. You’ll be surprised when you discover what places you can actually reach on foot. Following this can easily save you that 5k run during the week to stay in shape.
  5. Skip Sodas & Juice. Sodas and juices often tend to be full of sugar and empty calories. You can easily replace those beverages with water and lose a ton of weight over time. If you consume a can of coke every day it could easily turn out to save you a few pounds every year. If you consume alcohol, you may also consider replacing your beer, cocktails and longdrinks with healthier choices such as wine and straight spirits (or maybe forego them altogether!).

Whatever you do, start with small achievable habits. You may slip. Nobody is perfect. Just think hard about why you slipped and get back on board. Good luck!

What do you think? Have you tried to install some healthy habits in your lifestyle recently? Share them in the comment section! 🙂

Martin Kessler

COO and Co-Founder of Shape. Enjoys tackling video games at high difficulty and crazy, muddy obstacle course races.