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3 Tips on how to Overcome Plateaus in your Workouts

...And Reach your Goals Faster!

You have reached a point in your routine where you don’t see progress? You can’t seem to reach your goals anymore and feel like giving up? Well, don’t! We’ve all been there and here at Shapescale, we have a few tips that will help you break through it!

What Is Happening To You?

What you are experiencing is called a plateau. A plateau is when despite exercising well and following a healthy diet for a while, your results suddenly stop improving. In other words, your body gets accustomed to your workout routine or calorie intake.

Plateaus usually occur after weeks of good results and can throw you off, so here’s how to overcome them!


When immersed in a routine, it’s easy to think of ourselves as diligent and assiduous, even when we are not! Plateaus are more often than not caused by a lack of regularity and motivation.

The best way to prevent this would be to track your food intake, your workouts and your amount of sleep for two weeks. Why?

  • Tracking your meals will allow you to see any detrimental deviation in your diet if you are trying to lose weight. Similarly, if you are trying to bulk up, you will see whether you’re eating enough or not.
  • Have you been slacking off lately? Have you been skipping a few exercises? Tracking your workouts will push you to work harder if you’re experiencing a dip in motivation.
  • Sleep deprivation affects physical and mental performances. It increases cortisol and insulin secretion, hormones responsible for stress and weight gain.


By following the same routine, your body has become more efficient in it. Don’t let yourself get too comfortable! Why not switch things up a little bit?

  • While low-intensity workouts help burn fat, a plateau means you have to step it up! Add more intensity to your routine by replacing a weekly endurance session with a high-intensity one. Incorporate a new form of cardio (biking, rowing…). You can also try full body workouts of 35 to 40 minutes or engage in physical activities in your daily life.
  • Surprise yourself by diversifying your routine. Try adding bits of new exercises in your workout like replacing regular squats with boxer squats. Opt for a jog outside instead of running on a treadmill.


Remind yourself that immediate results are not necessarily the best results. Every worthwhile achievement requires time! Focus on the baby steps and small wins to see your improvement in the long run. Don’t forget to give yourself enough recovery time in between sessions to avoid overworking!

Now that you have those tips, no plateau will resist you! Don’t forget that daily tracking (online or in a notebook) is always a good way to prevent plateaus.

Let us know how these tips worked for you!

Written by Perpetue Billong

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