Slow Metabolism

The human metabolism can play a strange game. Ever since going on my diet my metabolism has slowed dramatically. Probably my body has gone into starvation mode in order to maintain my weight (which of course is frustrating). After all I’ve hit a point where I haven’t been weighing much less ever since a teenager. What’s odd though is that I’m not hungry nor do I feel nauseous. Actually I’m feeling great because we eat fresh food every day. Alex’s body on the other hand has reacted very differently to our diet and his metabolism hasn’t slowed down much since. It’s fascinating how we all differ in our genetics.

There’s a number of suggestions out there online. Drink more caffeine, eat several smaller meals, do more cardio, eat more protein and have a high carb day to switch it up. I’m already doing all of these plus my carbs aren’t that low (about 50% of what’s normal). So here’s what I think. My body is shocked to be starved of that much energy and my metabolism is resisting the change of not over consuming anymore. Having said that I still believe that my body will adjust if I keep going. So let’s see if anything will change over the next few weeks. Because I won’t give up!

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Martin Kessler

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With the same diet and the same exercise, different people will have different metabolisms because their body constitutions are discrepant.