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Kill Your Boxing Workout At Home With These Tech Hacks

Pounding the pavement, jumping on a bike or taking a dip in the pool aren’t the only ways to take advantage of sports wearables and fitness trackers. In recent years, combat sports such as boxing have become an increasingly popular route for those looking to keep in shape. Here we explore how you can bring the intensity of the ring right to your living room. All that making a boxing workout at home a breeze.

Boxing Workout At Home Made Easy

And just like dedicated wearables in other sports, boxing is seeing an influx of options for those who want to keep track of their jabs and hooks or even receive feedback on their form in real-time.
But if you’re looking to figure out the finer details, including which devices are best suited for sporadic trips to the gym and which are for more hardened trainers, read on to check out the cream of the boxing wearables crop.

Fight Camp – For On-Demand Boxing Classes

Boxing Tech FightCamp

The set of interactive boxing-fitness classes uses those punch trackers to measure your performance and make sure you feel the full benefits of each workout.
Hykso is now moving beyond punch tracking hardware and is bringing on-demand training videos to the home. The company has just introduced FightCamp, a library of boxing workouts available via subscription.
FightCamp’s workouts were developed by personal trainers and professional athletes who have helped celebrities, including Adrianna Lima, Usher, Hugh Jackman, and Charlotte McKinney get into shape.
The wearable is designed to provide the hard-hitting boxer within you valuable insight about your performance and show you how you stack up compared to other users when paired with the company’s FightCamp streaming exercise platform. Think Peloton, but for boxing.
Hykso’s punch trackers are a pair of compact motion sensing devices that track the movements of your hands when you punch—measuring the count, type, speed, and “intensity” of your punches. Their rectangular shape evokes the image of a flash drive from the near future. LEDs in the center indicate when the trackers are awake and connected. Blue and red lights indicate left and right hands, respectively. Each one sits atop your wrist, covered at least twice over with your hand wraps, and then by your actual boxing glove.
The subscription comes with a free pair of punch trackers. An optional $500 purchase will get you a punching bag, boxing gloves, and a yoga mat. Just mail those trackers back if you decide to cancel your service.
Punch tracking happens in real-time, perfect for color commentary from someone else while you wail on your bag. You can also create re-usable customized drills for sparring, shadow boxing, or heavy bag hitting.

Moov Now – For Boxing & An All-Around Healthy Life

Boxing Tech Moov Now

Moov Now is a one of a kind wearable fitness coach that actively monitors your activity and advises you in real time how to get the most from your workout. Similar to many other fitness trackers, Moov tracks your daily activity and sleep — but rather than steps, Moov measures movement within 3D space.
The device pairs with an app to train users on five sports — running, cycling, swimming, cardio boxing, and a seven-minute bodyweight workout. The wearable’s modular design allows the gizmo to be worn where it is most beneficial for each sport it tracks. For example, you can wear it on your ankle or shoe for running, or on your wrist while kickboxing or swimming.
The Cardio Boxing workout supports two Moov Nows, one on each wrist for a more complete workout experience. The sensor will tell the smartphone app if you’re not punching correctly, making sure you get a full workout. Are your feet in the correct position? Are you keeping your hands up and striking as prompted?
All in all, this fitness tracker aims to teach you the concepts of a healthy life. It provides a fun way to work out and will appeal both to the average person and hard-core fitness enthusiast.

Everlast & PIQ – For Improving Your Boxing Workouts

Boxing Tech Everlast & PIQ

Everlast and PIQ is designed to be used for shadow boxing, heavy bag work, mitt work and light sparring. The driving force of the system is a nano-computer which houses a set of built-in sensors.
Information provided includes the speed of your punches. The force of your punch at impact and the retraction time of your hand. You are also assigned a unique value called PIQSCORE which is based on all three of these metrics. Other stats include the total number of punches, calories, boxing time, punches broken down by type, records, progression displayed via charts and much much more.
Along with tracking results, the app also provides actionable information on how to improve. To this end it also identifies what the company calls, your “Winning Factors”. These are key aspects where you are particularly strong.
It’s not cumbersome to wear and it goes beyond just displaying data by providing much more meaningful analysis. Regardless of whether you are just shadow boxing for exercise or someone with years of experience, it can be a great addition to your routine.

Corner – For Real Life Boxing Skills

Boxing Tech Corner

Corner is another new kid on the block. It comes in the form of two small wireless trackers which you need to attach to your hand wraps. Download the accompanying iOS or Android smartphone app and you’re set to go.
Every punch, block or combination is displayed in real time on your smartphone allowing you insight into your performance as you box. You’ll get detailed info on your punch rate, speed and power. The system also finds trends in the punches and combinations you throw. Also, at the end of the session Corner will provide you with a fight fatigue score.

StrikeTec – For Boxing At All Levels

Boxing Tech StikeTec

StrikeTec has been around for some time in the professional circuit, but is only now opening itself up to a wider audience.
It gives boxers and trainers an insight into hand speed and force. Along with keeping an eye on your punch rotation to let you know whether your technique is flowing correctly. This data is all stored through the device’s app. This also allows you to tap into specific training sessions, hidden weaknesses and fatigue levels.
This is one of the few options out there that’s aiming to appeal to any level of boxer, thanks to its rich app. There’s enough feedback here for professionals. But those simply looking to improve and keep track of their jabs are also catered for.
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