Debunking The Myths Around The Sustainability & Health of Red Meat

This week we welcomed back Robb Wolf on the show, but this time, the conversation revolved around a completely different topic: his book that he Co-Authored with Diana Rodgers, the Sacred Cow. Martin started off the conversation with a personal anecdote of his vegan years and why he had to transition back to an animal-based diet.

Listen on to learn about our current food industry and its issues and why red meat consumption is more sustainable both for the planet and your health than you might think!

Three Things You’ll Learn

1) The Issues With Our Food Industry

There have been a lot of technological advancements post World War II, which increased the efficiency of our food production and prevented many from starvation. However, on the downside of the story, these advancements started damaging the environment and the nutrition quality of our food.

So while the current industrial food system produces enough calories, there are also a lot of costs associated with it. It is an extremely resource-intensive system that is poisoning our waters and destroying our topsoil.

In today’s episode, Robb will further explain the issue and his reasoning behind the sustainability of greasing animals!

2) The Truth About Eating Red Meat & Our Health

The most cited study that claims that red meat consumption increases the risk of cancer is based on a misleading way of reporting and falsely assumes that correlation is causation. On the other hand, there are studies that actually showed that meat-eating groups lived longer than non-meat-eating ones.

In the modern world, we don’t have a problem with consuming enough calories. What we have a problem with though is consuming enough of the essential nutrients. Animal-based products don’t just give you more satiety but their nutrient density is also way higher. To get the same nutrients from plant-based products, you need to consume much more calories of them.

Press play to hear what specific nutrients you might be missing on a plant-based diet without supplementation!

3) What’s Wrong With Vegan & Lab-Grown Meat

All of the vegan and lab-grown meat companies are playing on the myths that animal farming is not sustainable and is damaging the environment. But what they don’t talk about is that they also need to get the nutrients from somewhere to make their products.

So essentially they have to raise whatever the nutrients come from, process it, and extract the protein from it. The big question here is: what’s the carbon footprint and the energy cost of all of this?

Tune in to hear Robb’s opinion about all these companies claiming to be sustainable but not actually demonstrating how!

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Lilla Laczo

Lilla is a content writer and community manager at Shape.
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