Fitness Giveaway: Win A Goodie bag Worth $2500!

ShapeScale has partnered up with a number of health and fitness brands, to run a fitness giveaway that gives you the chance to win prizes worth a total of $3000. Find out what we have in store and sign-up for the contest now!

Together with our partners, we want to inspire people to make a lifestyle change and become more healthy and more active! 💪

The Ultimate Fitness Giveaway


A Luxury Fitness Goodie Bag worth $2500

What’s Included?

Raffle Prizes

What’s on offer?

  • Vi by LifeBEAM – $249
  • Shape by Atlas – $99
  • 4 packs of Quest Nutrition Hero Bars – $100


More on the prizes


Atlas Wristband2



Atlas Wristband2 is the only fitness tracker that recognizes the exercise you’re doing, counts reps and essential data, and gives a precise analysis of your workout.

For more information visit the website. Click here

Shape by Atlas



Shape digests your daily routine to help you understand what’s working and how your training affects the future you. With every conversation, Shape gets smarter and better at creating bespoke workouts designed to help you reach your goals.

For more information visit the website. Click here


ShapeScale is a 3D scanning body scale that digitizes your body in three dimensions, so you can see exactly where you’ve been losing fat, gaining muscle, and how your body shape has changed over time.

For more information visit the website. Click here

Vi By LifeBEAM

Vi is another virtual coach that lives in your bio-sensing earphones. Turn them on, and Vi will come to life immediately. She isn’t just a tracker, she constantly learns about you and will evolve over time to help you achieve your fitness goals.

For more information visit the website. Click here




Sensoria is here to dress you from head to toe. They offer a range of smart clothing including Sports Bras, T-Shirts and Socks.

  • The Sensoria Sports Bra and T-Shirt will monitor your Heart Rate.
  • The Sensoria smart socks and anklets track your speed and calories burnt, as well as detecting cadence and foot landing technique.

For more information visit the website. Click here

Quest Nutrition


Quest Nutrition is here to make clean eating a lot more enjoyable. Their Hero Bars are not just good for your body, but they are also delicious. So get ready to fuel up!

For more information visit the website. Click here



Platejoy offer a personalized nutrition plan service with recipes and grocery lists for your unique lifestyle. Additionally, you can get all of this delivered to your doorstep.

For more information visit the website. Click here

Yomee Yogurt


Make your own healthy and organic yogurt at home with Yomee. With your monthly subscription, you can get all the necessary ingredients from them, but you can also add your own to spice it up according to your taste!

Yomee is also kindly donating the Fitbit Blaze!

For more information visit the website. Click here

How to win?

As a first step, sign-up to the contest below! Points will be awarded for completing various social media actions, so get ready to post, share, like and comment! The more social activities you engage in, the higher your odds of winning the grand prize. So if you want to be the lucky one, just keep on sharing!

But don’t forget, the contest is only on for a limited time! We will be closing the giveaway on August 27th 11:59 PM (PDT) and you will not be able to gain any more points. 

And then?

The lucky winners will be announced sometime in the week commencing August 28th on our Facebook page.

So make sure you are actively checking our Facebook feed to see if you have won! 🙌  🎉

Enough from us, it’s your turn now! Make sure to enter the giveaway and gain as many sweepstakes as possible to increase your chances of winning! ✌


Lilla Laczo

Lilla is a content writer and community manager at Shape.