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  1. i enjoyed the it never heard of these types of races before its always fun to see the shape some of these athletes are in. its alot of work to get in these great shapes

  2. I have wanted an Apple Watch forever but the price always kept me away. Splurged on the blaze and have loved it but wanted waterproof as I am a beach girl! The New Ionic and the new watch are amazing and it is hard to decide. I have started saving up and will decide eventually. Unless I win one and the choice is made for me

  3. wishing to get into shape and have been wanting an Apple watch for some time. Have my fingers crossed. Thank you for the inspiration to improve.

    1. Hi Janet, We will be here to help motivate you! Have you seen our Facebook Community Page? We are creating a health/fitness discussion platform. You can join here:

  4. Fitbit Ionic or an Apple Watch – While Apple Watch is drastically making improvements in multitasking and fitness, My Choice would be Fitbit lonic as it’s key focus is health tracking and engagement to its huge community to motivate and achieve users fitness goals.

  5. I enjoyed the it never heard of these types of races before its always fun to see the shape some of these athletes are in. Maybe I could do this too

  6. Love Apple Watch for iPhone stuff but Fitbit is best for fitness stuff. I’d still like to give the Apple Series 3 a try though.

  7. Wow, so much has changed. Technology is awesome……we are so very lucky to have it.
    Thank you for the giveaway……….would like to win it.

  8. I’ve never had Apple watch, but I’m not a fan of Apple products in general. I’ve upgraded from a clunky Polar hrm to the fitbit blaze which is ok, but still limited in technology -I’m very excited to see this new fitbit in action.

  9. This is so exciting. I’ve dreamed of either watch! I’m in OT now and will begin PT soon for a medical issue–one of these watches would be a GREAT addition and advantahe to my health!

  10. I have an original Apple Watch, and have enjoyed it, but would like the power and waterproofing of the Series 3

  11. I would love to try them out
    I always wanted both of them
    But I didn’t get the chance to try them

    I know that apple have good reputation on how good the watch is
    But also Fitbit are in the same boat, good for fitness and tracking your progression

  12. I sell digital scales nationwide to the high school and collegiate wrestling market. Accurate weighing and body composition is very important.
    World Class Wrestling Enterprises would like to explore the opportunity to make your new concept scale available to the wrestling market. Presently we have Rice Lake Weighing Systems and Befour Digital Scales available. We would like to explore Shape.

  13. Apple would be amazing so it would sync to my iPhone and iPad so it can notify me of calender updates with clients and be able to receive and reply to text messages with clients during PT sessions without being rude and looking at my phone.

  14. I would love to go for the WATCH, As My Health is not the best, So it would be great to Have the Apple Watch in case of Emergency, I don’t have to run around trying to find my Mobile when I could have my watch right there next to me at all times, Thanks for the Competition like n shared Thank you xo

  15. I enjoyed the Shape Scale video on this blog and especially the part where they said this shape scale will show you how people see your body shape, this is awesome. I would like to see more of how to get to my perfect body shape, in step by step goals one step at a time for a beginner who has been excercising her entire life.

  16. Love the Apple Watch, such amazing features and will get my health back on Track and compatible with my iPhone can play my music. Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway loving your blogs great reviews.

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