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The Netflix Of Fitness aka Streaming Workout Classes

Peloton, Tonal and a lot more...

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Imagine if you could have a workout class on demand in your own apartment. Oh wait, you actually can. We’ve officially moved to an era where time or place cannot limit your physical activity. Not if you’re looking for a one-on-one personal training session, and nor if you’re into group workouts.

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In today’s world where everyone is always in a rush trying to balance their time between work, friends and family, getting to the gym is a real challenge. The most suitable option is clearly something in-house. Let it be a gym in your building, your garden or even your living room, you should have enough space to get your body moving. But how without a professional instructor or any social motivation?

Thanks technology you don’t have to come up with your DIY training plans anymore or imagine being in a class full of people. The Netflix of Fitness is here. A variety of studio workout classes are being recorded every day allowing you to stream the workout whenever and wherever you want to. And if you’re available at the time of the recording, you can join in for a live class from your own living room.

Here’re our top picks for streaming workout classes that’ll help to kick off your virtual training straight away. Expect the most exciting and high-tech ones towards the end!

Best Streaming Workout Classes

Booya Fitness – Streaming On-Demand

Revolutionizing the idea of fitness classes, Booya Fitness brings you dozens of workouts from almost 30 studios. From Bootcamp, HIIT and Strength Conditioning to Yoga, Pilates, Posture, you can stream all types of classes online.

To find the right one, simply go on their website or download their app and browse based on your time, space and equipment availability. Set your energy level and/or your fitness goals and pick one of the many workout types! Or if you’re looking for something more exciting, you can also search workouts by topic. These will include categories, like ‘Good For Moms’, ‘Brides To Be’, and ‘Mental Detox’. Something that you’ll probably not find in your local fitness club.

For every single workout they give an on-point description, tell what equipment you’ll need, how long the workout’s going to last and how many calories you’ll burn. And besides all these, you can also preview the class and get ready for the next day muscle soreness with their ‘Watch Out’ notes.

And the best part only comes now. All of this costs you $9.99/month, $26.99/3 months or $99.99/year. For these prices you get unlimited access to all their studio classes. You can stream the workouts from anywhere at anytime. And you also get a discount on their comprehensive workout plans. Who’s ready to cancel their ClassPass memberships with me? 

Booya Fitness Summary

ClassPass Live – Streaming HIIT Classes

Ok, maybe we shouldn’t cancel our ClassPass memberships just yet. As the fitness subscription service connecting over 10,000 studios worldwide had decided to continue their disruption of the industry. They have launched ClassPass Live, a platform for streaming boutique-style fitness classes.

ClassPass Live brings you live studio workouts every weekday straight from their NY location. You can tune in for real-time workouts Monday-Friday every hour 7am-12pm (EST) and Monday-Thursday every hour 6:30pm-10:30pm (EST). And if your schedule is clashing with their live classes, it’s time to go on-demand. That’s right! For your monthly subscription you also get unlimited access for streaming on-demand workouts.

They currently specialize in HIIT with 5 specific focus area. These 5 categories are upper body, lower body, core, cardio and full-body, all of which are quite self-explanatory. While the first 3 types have unique target areas, they all promise to energize your full-body during the 30-minute interval training. Which, duration-wise, perfectly matches with your busy weekday schedule.

And how ClassPass is really stepping up its game compared to Booya Fitness is by giving you real-time feedback and motivation during live classes. Two things that are often missing from home-workouts.

Their starter kit – what you have to buy with your first month subscription – includes a Google Chromecast (only if you don’t already have one) and a heart rate monitor. Using the heart rate monitor during the live sessions allows the instructors to give you feedback based on real-time metrics. And if this was not motivating enough, ClassPass Live also has a leaderboard. Here you can see all the attendees’ performance, including yours.

Trust me, this will make you push harder than you normally would!

ClassPass Live Summary

Mission 360 – Streaming Fusion Fitness Classes

With the spot-light on yoga, meditation and fusion fitness, Mission 360 aims to bring the best studio classes and coaching sessions to its members.

The main concept is the same as before. Letting you enjoy great workouts any time of the day without having to leave your apartment. But besides simply giving individuals the opportunity to work on their bodies, they are aspired to reach something bigger. To create a community and bring real change to people’s lives.

Signing up for a monthly membership lets you stream a variety of their on-demand classes. Their main workout category is fusion fitness, which sounds like the fanciest new workout hype, but in reality it’s simply a hybrid workout mixing 2+ activity types. Within that you can browse amongst different yoga types, stretching, HIIT, toning and a lot more.

The second big group is their meditation classes. These range from very short few minute sessions to longer ones and include a variety of types, such as mindfulness and breath awareness. To find what you’re looking for you can browse by specific studios or instructors.

However the real deal of Mission 360 is not their classes, but their one-on-one coaching sessions. You can try some more basic areas including nutrition, health, and wellness. They also have relationship, marriage, and intimacy experts. And if you’re feeling really dangerous, you can go for things like energy healing, hypnotherapy or crystal healing. The beauty in these online coaching sessions is again the time and place flexibility.

Listen To Some Great Tips From A Real Fitness Guru

But before you think you’ve run into a miracle of the world’s cheapest coaching session, I have to break the bad news. These are all á la carte and not included in the subscription.

Mission 360 Summary

Peloton – Streaming Spin Classes

The famous Peloton bike aka the revolutionizer of indoor cycling brings you some kick-ass live spin workouts. Their trademark of ‘A private indoor cycling studio in your home’ sums up what Peloton is all about pretty well. And not just experience but also price tag wise.

The high-tech Peloton bikes are equipped with a 22-inch touchscreen that brings their live spin classes from their NY studio to your living room. Every day you can join up to 14 rides, which vary in their duration, type, and music style. No worries if you’re running short on time, just hope on the bike for a 20-min HIIT ride. Or if your schedule loosens up a bit, you can go for a 45-min one and sweat to EDM, country, or hiphop. And if you can’t do a live one, simply stream one of their on-demand classes.

Just like ClassPass Live, Peloton also puts you on the instructors’ radar with your live-metrics no matter how far you’re from NYC. The metrics measured by the bike are your cadence (in RPM – rotations per minute), resistance, power, and your total output. These determine your position on the leaderboard. If you rock, you can push hundreds of people behind you. But if you’re lazy, the instructor can call you out by name anytime.

This all sounds like a dream, right? Professional spinning classes available 24/7 from your own apartment with real-time tracking and feedback. But unfortunately as most dreams, this one has a pretty hot price too. The bike costs $2,245 without any spinning gear. And if you thought ‘that’s fine, at least I won’t have to pay for the classes’, you thought wrong…

The bike in-itself is just another stationary bike. To access the real Peloton benefits of streaming workouts, you’ll need to pay a $39/month subscription fee. How they’re trying to sweeten this deal a bit more is by offering a variety of other class options to stream. If you’re a member, you can also take part in live running, bootcamp, strength, cardio and stretching classes.

Peloton Tread – Streaming Full Body Workouts

And as a final touch-point, if you’re into running/full-body workouts stay tuned because Peloton Tread is coming for you soon. They’ll offer over 10 daily live full-body workouts, which you’ll be able to stream from an even bigger, 32-inch screen.

From the sounds and looks of it they’re basically trying to become the $4,000 home-version of Barry’s Bootcamp. Now we’re not sure if they’ll be able to live up to the Barry’s community’s spirit, but we’re excited to see where Peloton Tread will go.

Peloton Summary

Tonal – Streaming Strength Workouts

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve arrived to the most-Silicon-Valley version of exercising. Tonal is an intelligent fitness system that literally packs an entire gym into a single piece of equipment.

The machine itself is mounted to your wall, has two adjustable arms and a giant screen. Its smart bar and smart handles use digital weights which allow you to adjust the resistance by simply clicking a button. Yes, you’ve heard it right, digital weights. Welcome to the future of fitness!

The underlying mechanism of digital weights is an “electromagnetic resistance engine powered by advanced math” [1]. These digital weights don’t just let you use virtually any weight from 0 to 200 lbs, but also track everything from reps, sets, power, volume and motion range of your workouts.

And if this was not techy enough, let’s get into those smart workouts. Using your strength assessment, Tonal will personalize your workouts from day 1. It’ll base the weight recommendation on your current and desired fitness level. But what will really make you say ‘wow’ is the real-time adjustments. With its machine learning algorithms, Tonal will immediately adjust the weights according to your performance at that moment. As smart as your workouts will ever get.

On the virtual coaching side of the story, Tonal’s 24-inch screen won’t only display your fitness metrics, but will also let you stream various workouts. What they’re currently promising is on-demand single workouts, fitness programs and live studio classes. While we cannot see a class schedule yet, all of these are guaranteed to be delivered to you by the “best of the best” fitness instructors of the US.

So if you’re ready to go fully digital on your strength training, have a spare 7 x 7 floor space in your apartment and an extra $3.5k in your bank account, we have found a match for you!

Tonal Summary


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