The 5 Quickest Ways to Burn 500 Calories

Lose a pound a week by trimming 500 calories each day with these great exercises!

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Whether your cheat meal turned into a cheat week or you simply have an itch for a calorie-killing workout, you’ve come to the right place!  We compiled a list of the best 5, boredom-free and fat-blasting workouts.

Lose a pound a week by trimming 500 calories each day with these killer exercises!

When it comes to exercise, we all want a workout that burns the most calories in the shortest amount of time. What if we told you that there are ways to burn a whooping 500 calories in just one workout? To make things even better, these do not have to be monotonous, painful or unenjoyable.

Here Are The 5 Workouts That Are Short, Explosive And Burn 500 Calories!


Burn And Firm All Over

Jumping rope is one of the best ways to burn calories and it does not take long to reap major rewards. On average, jumping rope burns about 11 calories per minute! If you increase the intensity of your jumps, you can even burn up to 20 calories per minute.

The great thing about a jump rope is that it is easy to take it anywhere – at home, outdoors, or at the gym.


If you’re feeling particularly energetic, you can go for high intensity and burn 500 calories in 20-25 minutes.

In addition to burning fat, jumping rope builds cardiovascular endurance and works almost every muscle in your body. It will strengthen your legs, butt, shoulders and arms!


The next time you think of blowing off your workout because of a busy schedule, skip the treadmill and try out an intense 4-minute Tabata workout for some seriously efficient, fat-blasting benefits.

What is Tabata Training?

Tabata is a specific form of HIIT — one that burns, on average, 13 calories per minute!

Each exercise in a given Tabata workout lasts only four minutes, but it’s likely one of the longest four minutes you’ll ever endure.

This is the way Tabata works:

  • Workout hard for 20 seconds
  • Rest for 10 seconds
  • Complete 8 rounds
Example of a Tabata Workout
  1. Push-ups (4 minutes)
  2. Air Squats (4 minutes)
  3. Burpees (4 minutes)
  4. Mountain Climbers (4 minutes)


Perform push-ups for 20 seconds at a high-intensity. Rest for 10 seconds, and then go back to doing push-ups for 20 seconds. Once you complete eight sets of push-ups, rest for one minute.

Next, move on to squats and repeat the sequence of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Once you finish eight sets of squats, rest for one minute, and then do burpees. After burpees, finish the workout with mountain climbers.

To burn 500 calories in a Tabata workout, try four Tabata intervals (four minutes each) and spend a few minutes warming up. You can pick almost any exercise for Tabata such as burpees, push-ups, jump squats, lunges.

Whatever exercise you choose, Tabata training will raise your metabolism and heart rate immediately. Your metabolism will stay elevated, not only during the workout, but after the workout as well. This means that your body will be burning fat for hours after.


Whether you row in water or use a rowing machine – you’ll definitely burn off fat. This is perhaps the most efficient exercise machine available; it gives you a full-body workout while burning significant calories!


There are 2 main ways to train on a rowing machine: high-intensity training (HIIT) and Steady-State. You can row for much longer at a steady-state, but when performing HIIT, your heart rate is much higher. HIIT workouts also have something called the “afterburn”. This effect can raise the metabolic rate for hours after you’ve completed your workout and continue to burn 100-200 calories after you’ve finished your rowing routine.

According to Harvard Medical School, people who weigh 155 pounds can burn about 520 or 632 calories in one-hour rowing at a moderate or vigorous intensity, respectively.   

TIP: Rowing Machines are the workout machines that are the most likely to be used incorrectly.

“The most important thing to remember is: It’s about power, not speed.”



Workouts don’t have to be a chore. In fact, workouts don’t have to feel like workouts at all. Zumba is the answer to having fun and losing weight at the same time. With 1 hour of Zumba, you can burn 500 calories and won’t even realize you’re working out! It feels more like you’re at a party instead of at the gym.

To ensure a maximum calorie burn, just dance your heart out. Don’t worry what others might think. Just let go and enjoy yourself!


As wonderful as they are, nuts are very calorific. One ounce of nuts (about a handful) is the perfect serving size, but it is easy to just start munching mindlessly and ending up consuming way more calories than you think.

1 handful of oil-roasted mixed nuts has 175 calories; 3 handfuls have 525. By cutting down on nuts and watching your portion size,  you can save 500 calories daily.

100 Calories =

  • Weight: 18 grams
  • Volume: About 13 to 14 whole cashews

Can’t resist them? Choose pistachios: they are less calorific, 2 handfuls are just 159 calories.


If you’re really not feeling like exercising, do not worry. You will burn 500 calories in 7.5 hours if you just sit and do absolutely nothing.  This may not be the best choice if you want to get maximum results but it may suit some people.

What do you think is the best way to burn calories? Let us know!

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Wiktoria Banda

Wiktoria is a content writer and illustrator at Shape.
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Our comprehensive training plan provides you with 30-days of exercises right up to race day!
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