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6 Unusual Fitness Trackers That Don’t Just Track Steps

If you have some fitness goals on your ‘objectives list’, or you are already a regular exerciser, you’re probably familiar with fitness trackers. They can now track your HR, your calories, the pace of your runs, your sleep, and a lot more.

There is a fitness tracker out there for everything and most importantly for everyone. Find out now which fitness tracker matches your goals and personality the most!


Technology is really taking our fitness tracking to the next level with one of the biggest trends this year, wearable fitness devices. These gadgets can help in reaching your goals by providing valuable information about your health, fitness and activity.

Some of their basic features match, but they all differ a bit here and there. Some will track your HR, while others will talk to you or map your steps with their GPS. And what’s more, they also have different forms now. You can basically get one for almost every part of your body, or even hide them as stylish accessories.

Having such an extensive range of wearable trackers out there makes the decision hard for sure. However, based on their different features and forms, we’ve decided to find the one that matches your goals and your personality. Let’s see the list!

The Performer/Athlete – Athos

Athos has taken wearable technology to a next level by literally making you wear them as your gym clothes. They have created compression shirts, shorts, and leggings with built-in sensors that track your muscles and HR throughout the entire workout. The data is being sent to their free IOS app, where you can get a real-time insight into your performance and color-coded visual explanation.

Athos has taken wearable technology to a next level by literally making you wear them as your gym clothes. They have created compression shirts, shorts, and leggings with built-in sensors that track your muscles and HR throughout the entire workout. The data is being sent to their free IOS app, where you can get a real-time insight into your performance and color-coded visual explanation.

Muscle Groups Tracked by Athos Wearable

Each piece of clothing tracks different muscle groups. So choose yours based on what your goals are and which muscle groups you’re interested in!

3 Reasons to Buy The Athos Wearable

Real-Time Muscle Activation

You'll be able to see which muscles are activated and how intensively they work during each exercise you do. Therefore, Athos will let you analyze whether you're activating the right muscles at the right time with the right level of effort. Based on this feedback you'll know where and how to improve your movements for maximum localized and overall results.

Left Right Balance

Athos also provides information on your muscle activity's side distribution. This will allow you to recognize potential overwork of either side and prevent muscle imbalances.

Muscle Contribution

This feature will clearly outline your muscle groups' contribution to a certain exercise. Check the results and see if you're actually working hard enough with the intended muscles.

In addition to these basic features, you can also get a premium membership and use their Online Training Center. This training center lets Athos users follow their fitness progress over time, realize trends, potential improvements and/or declines. This is definitely a feature for optimizing your performance and reaching maximum results.

As they say, muscle activity is key for performance. So if you’re a performer, Athos is your fitness tracker to improve and maximize the results of your workouts!


Men’s Shirt – $398
Men’s Short – $348
Men’s Full Body – $696
Women’s Leggings – $348.

Find out more about Athos on their website!

The Rider – Coros Smart Bicycle Helmet

The dream helmet of all cyclists that enables you to listen to music, take your calls, listen to navigation and still hear the outside world. What’s more, you can do all this without even occupying your hands or taking your eyes off the road.

They use a so-called bone conduction technology to make it all happen. How it works is all sounds coming from music and phone calls are converted into vibrations. These vibrations are sent through your cheekbones bypassing your ear drums. This basically lets you listen to all internal sounds, but still leaves your ears open to external noise.

They also provide a smart remote, which lets you control what you listen to, take calls and change the volume without letting your handle bar go. And of course, you can track your rides and your performance via the smartphone app.

3 Reasons to Buy The Coros Smart Helmet

Bone Conduction Audio & Wind Resistant Microphone

Bone conduction solves the problem of not being able to listen to music and take phone calls during your rides. Since all external noize is let inside, you will be able to listen to whatever you'd like to without risks. Furthermore, the wind resistance will make communication easier and more effective.

Ride & Performance Tracking

With the Coros Smartphone app you can connect your phone to your smart helmet. Including GPS, you'll be able to track the route of your rides, your distances, times, average and maximum pace, calories burnt and elevations. You can also look back to your ride history, analyze how your performance's changed and share it on cyclist apps.

Emergency Alerts

You can add an emergency contact to your app, who will be notified in case your helmet is damaged. A feature that all “lone riders” need.

There's no question about it. If you like to stay connected and listen to music during your riders, but still stay safe, go for the Coros Smart helmet.


You can buy Coros on their website for $199.

The Runner – Sensoria Socks And Anklet

Where else would you wear your fitness tracker for running than on your feet? This is exactly what Sensoria suggests as well with their smart socks and detachable anklets.

The smart socks are made from running friendly fabric with 3 sensors per sock. The sensors are located at the 1st and 5th metatarsals and at the calcaneus (heel). It’s clearly indicated which one’s for your right and left foot, which is important for the tracking. The sensors are detecting your pressure points and are connected to the anklet.

The anklet that you can attach to your socks is the main device that claims to track superior data with better accuracy than other fitness trackers. Importantly, the anklet has to be connected to the mobile app before the run in order to actually start tracking.

You have to set up all sorts of personal data and also indicate your fitness goals for accurate tracking and feedback. During the run the app provides audio cues and virtual coaching, and after the run, it’s the platform to access your measurements.

3 Reasons to Buy The Sensoria Socks And Anklet

Basic Measurements

The anklet tracks literally every basic measure a runner could ask for. It counts your steps, distance, speed, pace, elevation, and calories burnt. The anklet continuously communicates all data to the mobile app, so they can keep you up-to-date.

Advanced Measurements & Feedback

The three textile sensors located on the bottom of the feet track every step and reveal your feet pressure. Once the run is finished, you get a complete analysis of your foot landing. This can help in preventing injuries caused by poor running style and improve your technique. Additionally, the anklet also tracks your cadence that can help in advancing consistency.

Real-time Audio Coaching

The extra spice of the sensoria fitness tracker comes in the form of Mara, their virtual coach. Every piece of data that your socks and anklet track is sent to the app immediately. This allows Mara to fill you in on how you're doing in real time. With her audio cues you can improve your running technique straight away.

So if you’re a runner looking for greater accuracy and detailed feedback, pull up your Sensoria socks and let Mara guide you!


You can buy the Sensoria socks on their website for $199.

The Stylish – Motiv

The Motiv ring is, I would say, a basic activity tracker in a prettier skin. If you’re a professional athlete or someone really keen on performance, these rings are probably not for you. But if you’re only interested in basic fitness data and staying healthy, they can totally work.

Supposedly, the ring should be more comfortable than a bracelet or an anklet and its battery lasts for 5 days. Therefore, you can keep them on literally 24/7 and let it track you non-stop. It saves you the uncomfortable feeling of a bulky bracelet and also the loss of style that comes with that.

3 Reasons to Buy The Motiv Ring

Fitness Tracking

They are equipped with Optical Heart Rate Sensors that constantly track your HR. As a combination of activity and elevated HR, Motiv tracks your active minutes. Furthermore, it also tracks the activity type, your steps, distance, and calories burnt. So overall, you get a a great reality-check of your health to work towards a better fitness.

Sleep Tracking

Due to its tiny size, you can easily leave your Motiv ring on during sleeping without feeling awkward. This basically has the potential to solve the problem of other wearable devices disturbing your sleep. The ring will track your resting HR, sleep duration and quality. So the mobile app can give you some useful information to work with.


This is the major selling point of Motiv that makes them different. They did what others failed to do. They essentially took a Fitbit and wrapped it in a classy style. As a result, you can finally track your fitness without breaking all the fashion rules and even turn up to dress-up events with your activity tracker on your finger. They successfully made fitness tracking fashionable.

Those of you who’re into fashion and only need basic activity tracking, Motiv is coming this summer!


You can buy the Motiv ring on their website for $199.

The Serious Weight Lifter – Atlas Wristband2

Step counting and GPS tracking are not much of a help when you’re actually lifting weights or doing a Bootcamp session. Therefore, regular gym visitors who don’t just live on a cardio machine are usually in trouble finding a good activity tracker. But not anymore, thanks to the Atlas Wristband2.

With the Atlas Wristband2 you’ll finally be able to track your workouts in their entirety. Once you start, it will automatically recognize the exercise type and start collecting all sorts of data. Don’t just expect HR and calories burnt, because it goes well beyond that.

The wristband will then automatically sync with your mobile app. It creates different workout logs, analysis and also visually shows which muscles were engaged. The dream of our strength training, right?

3 Reasons to Buy The Atlas Wristband2


Your Atlas Wristband2 arrives with an extensive library of a 100 exercises. It involves a bunch of barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, TRX, calisthenics, and bootcamp exercises. Once you start moving it'll identify what you're doing and base the tracking on that. And when you think it couldn't get better, it can also learn your own custom exercises. So buckle up and build your own library!

Advanced Tracking

Starting with the basics, it tracks your HR, your velocity and your calories burnt. However, the Atlas Wristband2 moves away from the basics. It counts the number of reps you're completing from one exercise. Furthermore, it also measures the weights you're lifting. These features can allow you to completely switch off your brain and concentrate purely on your performance.

Visual Feedback

After the data collection the wristband sends everything to your mobile app. It creates workout logs to enable easy tracking and performance analysis. Yet, most importantly it also visualizes which muscles groups were engaged during an exercises. This can be a huge help in targeting specific areas of your body.

Strength training lovers, your happy days have arrived with Atlas Wristband2. It will not only track your performance but also translate it into visuals to give a meaningful feedback.


You can buy the Atlas Wristband2 on their website for $199.

The Social – LifeBeam Vi

You might be wondering why a pair of headphones is on the list of fitness trackers. Simply because these headphones have a virtual personal trainer hidden in them. If you’ve ever wished for a trainer who’s available anywhere, anytime then your dreams are just about to come true.

In the body of bio-sensing headphones lives a virtual coach, who tracks, trains and motivates you during your workouts. She knows your name and answers any of your performance-related questions. And what’s more, she also learns about you and personalizes your workouts. Almost better than a real personal trainer!

Once the data is synced to your mobile app, you’ll be able to check your progress and analyze your workouts. Based on this and your goals, you can choose your training plans and customize Vi.

3 Reasons to Buy The LifeBeam Vi

Aerospace-Grade Bio-Sensors

The LifeBeam Vi earphones have aerospace-grade bio-sensors, which increase the data accuracy. They track your HR, speed, time, location, elevation and cadence. Use the mobile app to review your data and improve your performance.

Vi The AI Personal Coach

A more real virtual trainer than ever will talk to you in a warm voice. Thanks to her, you don't have to wait for the feedback until the end of the workout. Simply ask how you're doing and she'll give a real-time feedback. She can be a huge help in improvements and motivation as well.

High Quality Audio

Vi's audio is powered by harman/kardon that promises an outstanding listening experience. Vi will sound clear and crisp and you'll also be able to listen to your own music with amazing sound quality.

The lonely trainings are about to end. Get Vi and have your virtual personal coach with you at all times!


You can buy the Lifebeam Vi on their website for $249.

All in all wearable devices can provide an opportunity for better and more accurate fitness tracking. Their features have several benefits that will take you closer to your fitness goals.

No matter what these goals are, and what your personality is like, there is a fitness tracker for you. Simply decide what you want to achieve and where you want to wear your tracker to find yours!

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