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The Best HIIT Apps For Apple Watch

1.) The Apple Watch HIIT App For Quality Instructions – 12 Minute Workout

12 Minute Athlete HIIT App Apple Watch

The 12 Minute Athlete app has something for everyone. For newbies, it features thorough directions and video demonstrations for every exercise. For seasoned pros, it includes an interval timer and stopwatch so that you can create your own workouts at any time. The app itself is free and offers more than 185 workouts. It also includes social sharing so that you can post your workout directly to social media.

For $4.99 per month, join the virtual Super Athlete gym, which features insights into your workout trends and personal records, immediate access to more than 200 additional HIIT workouts, and reminders to help you meet your workout goals.

2.) The Apple Watch HIIT App For A Complete Workout – Keelo

Keelo Best HIIT App Apple Watch

Keelo is touted as an all-around high-intensity fitness app. The HD instructional videos help you warm up, condition your body, build strength and muscle mass, track the calories you’ve burned, and do so at home or in the gym. Keelo incorporates a broad range of exercises (more than 90 movements) that include medicine ball movements, bodyweight based movements, kettlebell exercises, dumbbell movements, barbell exercises, and even gymnastics moves.

The Keelo fitness program is a free app can help you slim down, burn off calories, get fit, increase muscle strength, and lose weight.

3.) The Apple Watch HIIT App For Variety – Sworkit 

Sworkit Best HIIT App Apple Watch (1)

Variety is the spice of life — and of SworkIt. This free app offers several activity-based workouts ranging from cardio to yoga. The premium version features categories like “Older Adult Workouts” and “Sports Conditioning Workouts” to keep your workouts fresh.

You can select workouts from 5 to 60 minutes. For HIIT, however, you should stick to 30 minutes or less. The app displays your workout, goals, and calories burned. Plus, it allows you to set reminders to stay on track.

4.) Apple Watch HIIT App For A Hands-Free Timer – Seconds Interval Timer

Seconds Interval Timer Best HIIT App Apple Watch

Often when working out, you want to keep your phone in your pocket and get on with it. But if you are doing a circuit involving many intervals, how do you remember what’s next? Seconds will speak your interval names, so this is never a problem. There is even an option to let you know what the next interval is, so you have time to prepare before it starts.

Within this free app, you’ll find several predefined timers with entries catering specifically to HIIT, Tabata, circuit training, etc. You can also create your own custom timers before organizing them into groups for quick and easy future access.

This means that you’ll have complete control over the structure of your workout, including the length and frequency of intervals, rest periods, and of course, the duration of the session itself.

5.) The Apple Watch HIIT App For A Workout With Minimal Equipment –  Johnson & Johnson HIIT App

Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute Best HIIT App Apple Watch

The Johnson & Johnson app is perfect for those who want to do a quick session at-home, on-the-go, or anywhere without proper fitness equipment.

The free app gives you the option of either going right into a workout or starting with a warm-up. The warm-up consists of the basics: head rolls, knee raises, and more movements to get you loosened up and your heart pumping. Each movement in the workouts is illustrated in a video. After you’re done with your warm-up, the maximum you’ll need is a chair, a wall, and some empty floor space.

If it’s not easy to see your watch, the app has audio cues that dictate the exercise name, a prompt to start and end movements, and form cues. You can also play your own music.

6.) The Apple Watch HIIT App For Specific Body Parts – Runtastic Workout App Series

Runtastic Best HIIT App Apple Watch

Runtastic sounds like it’s only good for running, but actually, it’s brilliant at bodyweight strength training too. Runtastic has a fantastic app series that targets different parts of your body including entire apps dedicated to legs, chest, arms, and butt workouts. The best part is that all of these free apps include heart-pumping HIIT workouts too!

When you start the app, it will tell you where to hold your phone, and how many reps to do. You’ll get rest targets, and the progression every couple of days feels manageable. You can even save your workout progress to the cloud and use other devices when needed.

Final Thoughts

Squeezing in a good HIIT workout never hurt anybody. Whether it’s a 30-minute endurance session or just a quick 7-minute ab blast, the benefits are amazing. We hope these apps will help you get the best HIIT workout you can!

What’s your favorite app when doing HIIT exercises?

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Lesley George

Lesley is a content writer and community manager at Shape.
Get the Ultimate Nutrition Guide
Use our free guide to design your very own personalized nutrition plan.
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