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Fit-Tech Feature: Skiin (Fitness Tracking Underwear)

A Fitness Tracker That Goes Beyond Skin Deep

Wearable tech is a fantastic way to gain key insight into your health and fitness habits. These popular accessories are picking up the expected data of distance, steps, and approximation of caloric burn. However, there so much more to leading a healthy life than just movement. Factors such as hydration, stress levels, body fat and even breath are important building blocks for overall health. That’s where the wearable tech company ‘Skiin’ comes in.


Get More Out Of Your Stats

Skiin matches the ingenuity of the latest in wearable technology with the ease of something you (hopefully) do every day, wear underwear.

Skiin Fitness TrackingNow, the underwear itself isn’t doing the data collecting. The actual tracking module is 4.5×2.5cm and is placed in a pocket on the band of the underwear and data is transmitted through low-energy Bluetooth to iOS or Android devices. From the vantage point of the waist, instead of the wrist, Skiin is claiming to record data that is a little more up close and personal than your average wearable.

How Fitness Planning Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Collecting data such as posture and differentiating between movements of sitting to those running through their ‘6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit’. Analyzing moments of activity, stress, or sleep by monitoring your heart rate and breathing patterns. Skiin will also give you a nudge through it’s ‘Haptic Notifications’ when it notices that you are stressed or in need of a break. While taking an even bigger step into data by claiming to determine the body’s water content/hydration levels through it’s BIA skin sensor. Also through the skin sensor, you may be able to collect data on your body fat percentage. The access to this type of data would be fantastic for those who are interested in having a well-rounded look at their overall fitness.

Be In Sync With Your Home

Although this item is still in the pre-sale phase the company has big plans to link the device to other smart systems. A mentioned smart-device was the thermostat, Nest. Skiin envisions that Nest will be able to communicate with the tracker to raise or lower the temperature according to your current body temp. Also having the potential to connect to sound systems so that Skiin will be able to play a soothing playlist when it detects that you are stressed.


An element that I do really appreciate about the product is its discreetness. Although fitness trackers are certainly handy sometimes they don’t match the occasion. A fitness tracker is “not appropriate” to wear to your sister’s wedding, to quote my mother. However, with Skiin you can wear it to your next job interview if you really wanted.

The Ultimate Guide to Tracking Progress

You can also wear it while you sleep without the discomfort of wearing a bracelet or necklace. A serious bonus if you looking to track and improve your sleeping habits.

One downside is that although you wear underwear everyday, you don’t wear them all the time. For instance, if you’re in the water. So this product might not be for you if you get most of your exercise from water-based activities such as swimming or surfing.

What would you love to able to track to help you reach your fitness goals? 

That’s it for this week’s Fit-Tech Feature! Stay tuned for next week’s look at fitness tech!


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Lesley George

Lesley is a content writer and community manager at Shape.
Get the Ultimate Nutrition Guide
Use our free guide to design your very own personalized nutrition plan.
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