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Weekly Feature: Bragi Dash Pro – A Fitness Tracker for your Ears

These are not your ordinary Bluetooth headphones, read here why.

Bluetooth Headphones With Built-In MP3 Player

The Bragi Dash Pro are not your ordinary Bluetooth headphones. They can be paired with Apple, Android and Windows devices within seconds. They also have a feature that I love: There is a built-in MP3 player allowing you to leave your smartphone or iPod at home.

This means no more frustration when cables get tangled up. No more tense moments where you check your phone is not damaged after it falls out of your pocket whilst you exercise.

They have an astonishing 30h of Battery life on-the-go and up to 5 hours of continuous playtime per charge

Noise Isolation & Waterproof

Get in the zone with the Dash Pro as they have passive noise isolation, this allows you to retain your focus. Alternatively, swipe to audio transparency to hear your music and your surroundings. Also, another great feature if you are running along busy roads.

Bragi AI can understand whether you are running, cycling or even swimming! That’s right the headphones are waterproof. You can swim at depths of up to 3ft for 30minutes.

Onboard Activity Coach & 4DVirtual Menu

The Dash Pros seamlessly measure your HR, calories burnt, distance, cadence, lengths and more. The onboard activity coach will ensure you keep pushing yourself with real-time encouragement.

Thanks to a partnership with Itranslate, you can now have a real-time conversation with someone speaking a foreign language (as long as they also have Bragi headphones). You can theoretically, speak and understand up to 40 languages. This is amazing!

If a phone call interrupts your music, simply nod your head to answer the phone and all background noise will be filtered out thanks to Bragi’s Versant technology, by Knowles.

The Virtual 4D Menu reveals how you can change songs and navigate menus, simply through head movements and you can even calibrate your own shortcuts through the app.


You can purchase the Dash Pro from their website for around $410.

Fit-Tech Feature Summary

  • Bluetooth (wireless)
  • Waterproof (3ft for 30minutes)
  • AI technology (onboard activity coach)
  • Language Translator
  • HR monitor
  • Tracker (calories burnt, cadence, lengths completed, steps)
  • 30 hours battery life
  • Charging case
  • 4D menu navigation

What Do You Think?

I have not yet tried these for myself but they sound pretty fantastic if you ask me. Do any of you already own a pair? Or have you tried a pair? Let me know in the comments below.

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This looks Awesome.

Lilla Laczo

We agree Scott, do you know anyone that has tried them out?

Gabe Hill

I would love a pair of these, but the price is prohibitive. I am sure they are expensive to produce, but the majority of the public is going to continue to keep the cord or go with cheaper alternatives.