Helpful Answers to all your Questions about ShapeScale Pricing

The ShapeScale Subscription Plans and Pricing Explained

Introduction to the FAQ series

Here at Shape, we get hundreds of emails, Facebook comments, phone calls and Tweets every day. We try our best to be as responsive as possible and to answer as many of your questions as we can.

We have previously done FAQ-style blog posts but we feel it is time for an update. Over the coming weeks, this blog series will tackle some of our most frequently asked questions.

Subscription model – ShapeScale Pricing Explained

The ShapeScale subscription model includes the cost for the base unit and depending on your batch this could be anywhere from $249 – $349.

Once we ship your ShapeScale to you next year, you will also need to pay for shipping costs and any relevant taxes. We tax everyone in California for sales tax and all European customers for import tax. You are also required to pay your subscription fees.

When purchasing your ShapeScale, you will have selected one of the two options from those listed below and will be charged accordingly.

  • Option 1: Pay annually, $9.99/month ($120/year)
  • Option 2: Pay monthly, $12.99/month

Why we have a subscription model

When ShapeScale takes a scan of you, it takes a raw point cloud of your body and captures over 100 different high-resolution pictures of you. These are then processed and stitched together around that 3D model to make the photorealistic 3D scan of you.

This is very graphic intensive and so we can’t do this inexpensively through the ShapeScale unit itself or via your smartphone. This would take too long and the quality would be reduced.

That is why we process every single scan in the cloud. We can also realign each scan by doing this. By this we mean, if you are standing with a different posture, we will be able to process this and cross compare it to other scans.

This is not an easy process and so this is one of the reasons we give the option for the subscription model. To pay mainly for server processing fees. The storage of scans being only a minor part of the cost, it would not help to integrate with iCloud, Dropbox and Google drive.

Along with this, your subscription will also help pay for research & development and security maintenance, this is extremely important to us at Shape. We want to bring you new features every single year.

What if my friend wants to try out my ShapeScale?

We require a 1-year minimum commitment for the subscription model and this will support 2-users. You can add additional users for $2.99/person/month.

Additionally, for any friend that is eager to try out your ShapeScale, you can add a free plan. The free plan will only allow the storage of one scan. Therefore, you will not be able to access the comparison features of ShapeScale but you will be able to see all of your measurement data.

The All-Inclusive Plan

The All-In-One plan also supports 2 users and again you can add more users for $2.99/person/month. Batch 4 prices for the All-Inclusive lifetime plan work like this:

  1. Reserve ShapeScale for $399 when you order today.
  2. You will not be charged again until we ship in April 2018.
  3. In April, we will require you to pay any relevant tax and shipping fees. As well as the final $300 that makes up the total cost of ShapeScale.

This model will not have any recurring fees.

There will be opportunities in the future to upgrade from the subscription plan the All-Inclusive plan.

Have a question for us?

If there are any specific questions you would like us to answer in a blog post, leave a comment below. If the question appears to be popular we will answer it with a blog post.

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Our next FAQ blog post will cover ShapeScale’s plans for the future!

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Wendy Tabor

Just wondering when we will be getting our scale?
Already paid for it!
Been waiting for awhile for it!
Can’t wait to receive it!

Lilla Laczo

Hi Wendy,

If you could give us your email or order number, I can look this up for you. Feel free to email me at charlie@shapescale.com.

Kevin Whitehead

Just checking in. I was in the top 10 when we were all competing for a free one. I paid for mine before anything with subscriptions came about. Wondering when I will be receiving mind and if there is new costs that I was not told before originally purchasing. Thanks for any info.