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6 Incredible ShapeScale Features for Muscle Building

It’s one thing to keep active, lift those weights and pay attention to what you eat, but tracking is the other side of the story.

Fitness tracking is an essential part of getting fit and building muscles. You have to continuously follow the progression of your body to reach your fitness milestones and adjust the steps along the way. However, we all know it’s not easy to find the right methods of tracking¬†since most will not provide you with all the necessary data.

See the Top 10 Ways to Track Fitness Progress

Yet we have some good news for you: ShapeScale will.

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How can ShapeScale help me to lose weight ?

Are you currently on track towards that bikini body ? Or still trying to recover from the never ending holiday feast with the family ? Or have you been trying to lose weight for a while now with more or less success ? Whichever group you belong to, we all know that reaching your weight loss targets can be extremely difficult.

Even if you’re using certain ways to track your progress, unfortunately they rarely give us what we want to see: reality. So I think in the name of every ‘I want to lose weight’ exerciser, I can say that we need some sort of solution. And this is exactly where ShapeScale comes into the picture to be your ultimate support buddy. Don’t believe it? Then let me show you what ShapeScale features will help you to stay on track and reach your weight loss goals and how they will do it.

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ShapeScale Feature Guide

By now you’ve probably learnt that ShapeScale is a 3D scanning body scale that will take your fitness tracking to the next level. But let me show you exactly how it works, how its features will help you in achieving your goals more effectively and why ShapeScale will not let you give up.

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Top 10 ShapeScale questions answered

Good news everyone, ShapeScale is launching very soon and you’re more excited than ever, but there are probably still a tons of questions circulating in your head about this magical 3D scanning body scale. So we’ve gathered the 10 most frequently asked questions about ShapeScale to help you resolve the mystery.

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Should You Really Throw Out Your Scale?

Does your bathroom scale whisper you sweet things one day, then completely ruins your mood the next morning? How do we make sense of these ever changing numbers? Throwing your scale away seems to be all the rage these days and this frustration is the reason why we are creating ShapeScale. Although bathroom scales have been around for over 200 years now, little has changed and the scale remains to be a poor tool for tracking fitness progress. This post explains why your bathroom scale sucks and why ShapeScale provides a better solution.

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