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Become a ShapeScale Advocate and Make $$$

Make some $$$ by successfully referring your friends

Hey Shape fans,

This blog is all about our advocate’s program. In case you were not aware, here at Shape, we want to reward people for sharing us with their friends and family. We also want to say thank you to anyone that purchased ShapeScale after finding out about us from a friend.

That’s is why we created our advocate’s program.

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ShapeScale – Pricing Explained

Introduction to the FAQ series

Here at Shape, we get hundreds of emails, Facebook comments, phone calls and Tweets every day. We try our best to be as responsive as possible and to answer as many of your questions as we can.

We have previously done FAQ style blog posts but we feel it is time for an update. Over the coming weeks, this blog series will tackle some of our most frequently asked questions.Continue Reading…

Become The Best ShapeScale Advocate!

The ShapeScale advocate program has officially kicked off. So get ready to bombard your friends with some amazing ShapeScale discounts and get rewarded in return! Let’s see how to become the best advocate this world has ever seen!

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Top 5+1 ShapeScale Questions Revealed

That’s right, ShapeScale has finally launched and we’re so happy to see how excited you are about it. We’ve been receiving a huge number of questions about the launch, the device and a lot more. So let’s take a look at the ones you’re the most curious about.

Get the answers to the most frequently asked 5+1 ShapeScale questions now!

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Thank You For Your Amazing Support!

As you probably all know, the ShapeScale online store has opened its doors for everyone last week. We’ve finally launched ShapeScale for the general public. But it couldn’t have happened without our precious supporters, without You!Continue Reading…

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