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The Best Nutrition Tips For Weight Loss

Losing weight and most importantly maintaining it are highly dependent on your diet. Living in the gym will not shred those pounds if you keep having burgers and don’t control what you eat. However, the goal is not to go for a ‘lose 30 lbs in 2 hours’ type of diet, but to stick to healthy nutrition in the long-run.

Simply follow this nutritional guideline and begin your weight loss journey!
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Fasting: How Often and How Long

Fasting has almost become a fad activity in the recent past with more and more people joining the bandwagon for various reasons. Religious and political justifications aside, fasting is now used as a method to “detox” and a way to drop those pounds fast.

However, intentionally denying yourself food for extended periods of time can be dangerous and detrimental to your well-being efforts. When done correctly, with meticulous planning and attention, fasting can actually work. Here, our deets on how to do it right.

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Why BMI Is Wrong And Shape Index Is Telling The Truth

The human body and its shape can reveal amazing things about a person. Several measures have been used to learn more about one’s health for centuries now. But what if I told you that the most widely accepted measurement is not reliable?

That’s right, BMI doesn’t take into consideration a number of important factors and therefore, isn’t a true reflection of obesity. Let’s see why BMI shouldn’t be used and why Shape Index can tell you a lot more about your health!

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Sports drinks: The inside story!

Good hydration is essential for optimum performance during any sport or physical activity. Fitness enthusiasts everywhere are starting to replace water with sports drinks in pursuit of the optimum hydration. With these drinks promising added benefits, people are asking, what’s it all about?

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Are Detox Teas Dangerous?

“Teatoxing” is the newest trend for a quick and easy way to lose weight. The product is hard to miss on Instagram. Pictures typically include a fit celebrity like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian or Ashley Benson, posing with the package andclaiming that the tea helps them keep their figure. In the past couple years, companies such as Skinny Teatox, Bootea and Fit Tea, have flourished and created a huge social media following. However, by drinking these teas, what “magical” ingredients are giving people results? Is it dangerous for your body? Let’s take a look! Continue Reading…

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