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How to Lose Belly Fat More Effectively Than Ever

Summer is almost here, so it’s just about time to say goodbye to your belly fat.👋 It’s never an easy process, but we have some powerful advice for you. Simply stick to these simple rules and you’ll drop your belly fat like never before!

I know that losing fat is generally hard. Your belly area is probably even harder. However, it’s definitely the most critical part of your body that you really have to pay attention to. And not only because you want to look good in your bikinis, but also because of your health.

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Break Your Bad Habits With These Free Apps

Everyone has bad habits, but it doesn’t make them less dangerous. They are seriously capable of ruining not just your diet, but your health as well. So even though getting rid of them isn’t easy, it’s still necessary. This is why we’ve been hunting for the best ‘bad habit killer’ apps. We found the Top 5 free apps that will help to break your bad habits and will change your life forever. Continue Reading…

5 Unhealthy Habits Killing Your Diet

You’re a daily gymmer and have a strict diet, but still don’t see any results. How is this possible? Well, option 1 is that you’re doing something wrong. However, if you’re perfectly sure your workouts and your diet are both perfect, then you can only blame it on yourself. You’d be surprised how these 5 bad habits can destroy your diet.

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Why Macronutrients are More Important Than Calories

Controlling your diet is extremely important for reaching any kind of fitness goal. It’s widely known that Calories and Macronutrients are forming the baseline of this process.

Unfortunately, most of us pay more attention to calorie counting than macros. Yet, this approach is wrong. It can leave you hungry and even lead to overeating. Why ? Simply because, in contrast to nutrition density, calorie dense foods are always not filling. Therefore, it’s time to swoop things around! Here is why you should pay more attention to your macros.

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Mindful Eating Without Calorie Counting

Losing weight, reaching your ideal body goal or simply maintaining your current size don’t simply come down to exercising regularly. You really have to pay attention to what you eat, and what’s more, how much you eat of it. Tracking your calorie intake is what usually comes to one’s mind first. However, you can easily control your diet without calorie counting as well. Find out how you can eat mindfully without the pain of using any kind of calorie trackers! 😉
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