May 2017

Top 5+1 ShapeScale Questions Revealed

That’s right, ShapeScale has finally launched and we’re so happy to see how excited you are about it. We’ve been receiving a huge number of questions about the launch, the device and a lot more. So let’s take a look at the ones you’re the most curious about.

Get the answers to the most frequently asked 5+1 ShapeScale questions now!

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The ShapeScale Eight Sleep Tracker Winner Is…

ShapeScale’s Eight Sleep Tracker Giveaway officially reached its end. Are you the lucky winner?😏 Find out now!

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Thank You For Your Amazing Support!

As you probably all know, the ShapeScale online store has opened its doors for everyone last week. We’ve finally launched ShapeScale for the general public. But it couldn’t have happened without our precious supporters, without You!Continue Reading…

The Big ShapeScale Launch Is ON

Yes, the news are true: ShapeScale is launching for the general public NOW!

The entire Shape Team has been working crazy hard in the past few months to get ready for the launch. After a fantastic media tour in the Big Apple last week, we finally feel that ShapeScale is ready to get out to the public. We met with several well-known journalists in health-fitness-tech related industries, who were all amazed by ShapeScale. Besides putting a smile on our faces, they assured us again that ShapeScale is a device that the consumers need in their lives.

Find out about all the details now!😉

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5 ways social media can help you achieve your fitness goals

Is it time to ditch expensive fitness trackers for a free alternative?

Alongside a barrage of fitness social networks, trackers and apps, can the large social networks be a cheap, easy method of increasing your health and fitness? Here are 5 ways you can use social media to increase your health and wellbeing, and meet your fitness goals!

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