Month: May 2017


Fasting: How Often and How Long [7 Great Tips for Your Next Detox]

Fasting has become an extremely popular method for "detox" in the past years. However, it can be dangerous. Learn how…

Why BMI Is Wrong and Shape Index Is Telling The Truth

We can tell a lot about one's health based on their body shape. Yet, the widely used BMI is wrong…

The Best Fitness Apps of 2017 [A List of 7 Categories]

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Top 5+1 ShapeScale Questions Revealed

ShapeScale has launched and is ready to be pre-ordered. We've received a number of questions about the launch and device…

The ShapeScale Eight Sleep Tracker Winner Is…

ShapeScale’s Eight Sleep Tracker Giveaway officially reached its end. Are you the lucky winner?😏 Find out now!