Month: March 2017


5 Unhealthy Habits Killing Your Diet

Unhealthy habits can easily demolish our diets and hard work in the gym. The worst part is, that we're usually…
Fitness Gear

Are Fitness Trackers Useless? The Pros and Cons Revealed

The wearable fitness tracker hype is all over the place. Are activity trackers actually useful? What are their drawbacks? Find…

Why Macronutrients are More Important Than Calories

Paying attention to your diet is crucial for reaching certain fitness goals. Tracking your macronutrients is more important than calorie…

Mindful Eating Without Calorie Counting [1 Simple Tip]

Are you tired of calorie counting but still want to control your diet? Check the top trick for mindful eating…

6 Incredible ShapeScale Features for Muscle Building

ShapeScale's features will help you to build muscles more effectively than ever. ShapeScale continuously tracks your body's progress and visualizes…