Month: July 2016


The Ultimate Guide To A Delicious And Healthy Smoothie

Prepared correctly, smoothies can provide your body with vitamins and minerals. Done wrong, they can make you gain weight. We…
Monday Myths

Monday Myths – Why Eating “Clean” Is Not The Key To Weight Loss

In this new article we explain what eating "clean" means and why it shouldn't be necessarily such a vital part…

Pokémon Go Workout – A Workout that Gets You Fit while You Play

Pokémon Go is already getting people to move more, but we compiled a workout routine to get your game to…

Healthy Pasta Dish With Avocado & Figs [Recipe]

A healthy, delicious and easy pasta recipe, especially for the ones that smile when they see fresh figs at the store.…

Why We Built ShapeScale

The story of ShapeScale started in 2014 in Hong Kong, where the founders Alexandre Wayenberg (CEO) and Martin Kessler (COO)…