The Best Cycling Class: Flywheel, SoulCycle or Peloton?

20 Minute Fitness Episode #47

On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness Lesley and Lilla will discuss a hot topic. They’ll dive into the next generation of spinning and share their personal experiences. Do these “high-tech” boutique classes really live up to their hype?

Three Things You Will Learn

1.) Can You Get On the Flywheel Leaderboard?

First up on the list is Flywheel. The spinning studio that is famous for its intense workouts, pro instructors, andheated competitions. This reputation definitely set Lesley’s and Lilla’s expectations high. While the facility and service did impress both of them, they were still not sure if they’d go back for a second round. Why? Maybe they didn’t make the leaderboard? Listen to our episode and find out now!

2.) Is SoulCycle Worth The Hype

SoulCycle, the brand that is behind the whole spinning revolution, has a different kind of standing in people’s eyes. Their loyal base of spinners would probably swear their lives on SoulCycle’s amazing classes. Whereas to others, it may seem more like a ‘status symbol’ that people are doing just for the sake of having fun rather than burning calories. Which group do you think is right? Make your bets now!

3.) What It’s Like To Try A Peloton Bike

The most Silicon Valley version of spinning is definitely brought to you by the Peloton bikes. Virtually joining their live NYC-based studio classes without leaving your own apartment is how they want to turn home-spinning into a social experience. Listen to Lilla sharing her experience and get a sneak peak into how high-tech those Peloton bikes really are!


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Full Transcript

00:00 Speaker 1: Hey, everybody. It’s Leslie back again for another episode of 20 Minute Fitness. If this is your first time listening then thanks for stopping by. We always love new listeners. And if you didn’t know, the 20 Minute Fitness podcast is produced every Thursday for your enjoyment and show notes are found at www.20minute.fitness. As always, the 20 Minute Fitness podcast is powered by ShapeScale. ShapeScale is a 3D body scanner scale and fitness tracker. You step on it and it digitizes your body composition in photorealistic 3D. Now, available for pre-order on shapescale.com. Okay. So this week we’re going to be talking about some pretty popular cycling classes that have been around for a couple of years now. And we have Lilla here to join us as well. So over the last, I think, two weeks, we went to a couple of different cycling classes. And we just wanted to stack them against each other, see which one was the best of them all and review them. So…

00:58 Speaker 2: Yeah. Sharing all our experiences with you guys ’cause, obviously, all of them are super hyped right now, I think.


01:05 S2: The first thing is that they are not the cheapest option for workouts.

01:09 S1: Yeah.

01:09 S2: We’re just going to share those experiences.

01:12 S1: Yeah. We spent some money so you guys don’t have to.


01:17 S1: So yeah, we’re located in San Francisco. So we have pretty good options for cycling classes. So a few classes that have been hyped definitely in the Bay Area in California has been Flywheel, SoulCycle, and then the at home spin class which is Peloton.

01:36 S2: Peloton.

01:36 S1: Yeah. Which Lila tried out, Peloton but I didn’t get a chance to try out Peloton. So I’m really excited to hear her thoughts.

01:43 S2: On it.

01:44 S1: Yeah.

01:45 S2: Yeah. So why don’t we start with Flywheel.

01:48 S1: Yeah. For sure.

01:49 S2: Because that was the first one that we tried.

01:50 S1: Yeah.

01:50 S2: Yeah. So what did you think? How was your overall experience?

01:53 S1: Yeah. It was good. It was the first kind of boutique spin class experience that I’ve tried out. So I was interested ’cause I’ve heard so much about it between SoulCycle and smaller spin classes. It kind of feels like you might be going into a spa experience. Or you know, I really didn’t know what to expect.

02:12 S2: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

02:13 S1: But with Flywheel, I kinda got the drift that it might be a little bit more masculine take on spin classes versus SoulCycle, which is all about motivation and things like that. I kinda got the idea that Flywheel might be a little bit more about numbers, an intense class and things like that. But yeah, walking in, it was a pretty easy sign-in experience and everything. They had our shoes in cubbies ready to go. And then also, I think what’s really good to point out about Flywheel is that they have the cheapest first class rate.

02:42 S2: Yeah. It was 15 bucks.

02:44 S1: Yeah. Just 15 and that was just for one class. And it wasn’t like a packaged deal or anything. And yeah, I thought that that was a pretty good bonus for Flywheel.

02:53 S2: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I agree. To be honest, I did have quite a high expectations towards Flywheel because I heard the same things as you did. And I’ve been doing spinning for about five, six years now. So I thought that it was gonna be a super intense class. And I also thought that I was going to really enjoy it. And, yes, stepping in the studio, the service, everything, the facility is really nice.

03:16 S1: We did…

03:17 S2: It’s A-plus service for sure.

03:18 S1: Yeah. We did accidentally locked our stuff in our lockers and didn’t remember the code. But that’s more on us than them.


03:25 S2: Yeah. So we got the shoes. The bikes were set up for us. It was like our names were already displayed on our bikes. They had… I think they had the same number of the staff in the actual spinning room as people who were customers. This is a bit exaggeration but still. And so the whole service experience was fantastic. But then the class itself, for me, it didn’t really come through that much as I was expecting. And it’s probably because I’m super motivated by the music and I really need the music to be the right music for that class. The right music for my taste as well. And that might be something on us too because we could have… I don’t know if… Did they actually display what type of music they have?

04:17 S1: Yeah. Sort of. So when you log on to the Flywheel website, you kind of get to view the different instructors. Very much like SoulCycle. And you kinda get to see their taste, for you know, are they gonna be predominantly hip-hop, pop, high intensity. What’s their kind of gig going on. And so I think that we chose the class purely based on the time not necessarily the music. But I felt like… What were your initial thoughts when we first started the class?

04:45 S2: So yeah, the whole service experience just… I did… I even put up my high expectations even up higher because of that. And then the first half, it was still fine. I didn’t think that it was better than a normal spinning class at a normal regular gym.

05:01 S1: Yeah. And that’s the thing I found is that, how much can you elevate that regular cycling experience? Just from maybe a local gym that you might go to or a general gym. And so that was what I was most interested going into this experience because what could you elevate from that? And I felt like Flywheel, they tried to, you know… So on the bike, we had a display and it had our torque and then our speed and everything. And then it also had this general Flywheel number that went up. And I think…

05:33 S2: Yeah. That is the part. So what I found really strange from all these classes is that they do have a different name for this number at every single… So every brand has their own name for it. And that is just their power number. So I feel like they’re trying to put even more hype on it.

05:53 S1: Yeah. It’s kind of like a Nike fuel number.

05:55 S2: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

05:56 S1: It’s kind of an arbitrary amount of effort that you put into that class. So you could see that number on your own display. And then throughout the class, the instructor was like, “Okay. And here’s the leader board,” or whatever. And I was expecting to see our numbers on that as well.

06:11 S2: Exactly. Exactly.

06:12 S1: Not because we’re great cyclists or anything. But because we’re a part of this class. And so I thought it would be the whole class. But instead it was just a group of people who were a part of a club with Flywheel I guess they have re-occurring memberships and they’ve signed up for it and so that’s how you get on the leader board. But it’s just like, “Okay.” Well, that’s something that I didn’t really appreciate.

06:32 S2: Yeah.

06:32 S1: Because that’s the big selling point of Flywheel. And then all of a sudden, I have to pay more money or be a member to be a part of it and things like that. It’s just… It’s kinda making the one big selling point of this class exclusive.

06:42 S2: I completely agree. And especially ’cause like for me, if it had a big motivation since the music is not really my taste and the music was not keeping me going. Having my name on the leader board and actually being able to participate in the competition would have been something that would have kept me going and gave me some motivation. But since, no one even, even when you sign up for the class they don’t say that you have to sign up for the leader board.

07:10 S1: Yeah. It wasn’t like something that was necessarily super clear either. When we were signing up or things like that it was all these kind of confusing terms. I think I saw oh there’s and option to sign up for it was called like Flywheel Members or something but I didn’t know what that was and it was kind of confusing and so I was a little bit let down by that point. And then I think the best way to categorize the music and the instructor was kind of a house DJ party or something like that. You know it was kind of a bummer just because the instructor was good, I think she was a good general instructor but as far as, if I was to pay a membership that would be for five classes, $150 plus I would want somebody who’s half my therapist, half my spin instructor.

07:57 S2: Exactly.

07:57 S1: Or like not that high of expectations but a little bit more. But what I was impressed with Flywheel was their facilities.

08:04 S2: Yeah. I agree. But still, if I still think about the overall experience, the class experience. I think for me it didn’t give anything more than a general gym spinning class.

08:17 S1: Yeah.

08:18 S2: ‘Cause I’ve been attending here general… I used to go to Crunch and they did have the same bikes, they did have the same numbers displayed and the leader board was for everyone so…

08:30 S1: And that’s like The Crunch gym in this chain.

08:32 S2: Exactly, yeah.

08:32 S1: Yeah. But also another point for Flywheel was that they saw that we were new and we were doing this new trial class and the people at the front desk were super on top of it as far as making sure that we saw all the facilities like, “Oh here’s the changing rooms, here’s the bathrooms” blah, blah, blah, blah and then they also walked into the studio with us and helped us set up the bike. Which I thought was a good bonus as far as you know every bike is a little bit different in how it’s set up like not super. But they had a tonne of staff which was something that I really appreciated but yeah. So, on a scale of one to ten what would you give Flywheel?

09:14 S2: Well, overall experience I would say counting everything and how much I paid for it as well, I would give it a six.

09:20 S1: Yeah, I was just gonna say six.

09:21 S2: Yeah.

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10:54 S1: So yeah, I guess we can move on to SoulCycle.

10:57 S2: SoulCycle, yay.

10:57 S1: Yeah.

10:58 S2: So, Soul Cycle was actually my favorite one and it’s funny because I did not have high expectations. ‘Cause everyone was like “Oh, it’s all just about the spiritual stuff and it’s more about having fun, it’s not really a workout.”

11:16 S1: And I’ve also heard about SoulCycle that it can be almost cult-like, do you know what I mean?

11:21 S2: Yeah, yeah.

11:21 S1: There’s a large cult following to SoulCycle but I wasn’t sure to what extent it was or if I could get onboard with it if I was in a class and so I was super intrigued, what is it really like in that studio with that instructor and what’s the environment really like, but yeah, same. SoulCycle was probably my favorite out of the two that I tried but the thing that… We went for a morning class, it was an 8 AM class which was a little bit…

11:49 S21: It was packed.

11:50 S1: It was packed.

11:50 S2: But in a good way I think, so when I stepped in, I immediately got a good vibe. I just felt a good energy and I felt like I was ready for this.

12:00 S1: Yeah, it was like everybody was… Nobody was begrudgingly there. Everybody was like I want to start my day with this class which was amazing. And so, but I did find that signing into the front desk was a little bit…

12:14 S2: That was a bit, yeah.

12:15 S1: It was a little bit of a bumpy process, it was just like, “Okay where do I go?” and they just pointed over to the lockers and you kinda had to figure it out and feel it out for yourself, which is fine. But they probably could see that we were new.

12:28 S2: Oh they knew that we were coming for the first time because we did have to sign the waiver and everything.

12:34 S1: Yeah, exactly.

12:34 S2: And yeah, like connected to this whole process one of my major negative points about this which is a minor thing and it’s not really about the class but the water.

12:44 S1: The water.

12:45 S2: The water situation.

12:47 S1: We did have a water situation.

12:47 S2: So what happened was basically, they offered us a water and because it was our first time we thought that no one ever mentioned that we have to pay for it.

12:56 S1: Yeah and also to speak on that point, when I was looking at the email it said, “Oh, congratulations, you’ve signed up for your first class.” It said, “Show up we offer water and towels” and I was just like, okay, well you obviously don’t pay for the towels so I assumed like oh, they also provide water which is awesome. So I showed up to the class without a water bottle.

13:16 S1: Yeah, same.

13:16 S1: Which was not maybe the smartest move but I was like, okay, well they’ll provide the water. And so I get up to the front desk and they’re like, “Okay yeah, the lockers over there and everything.” And then I actually asked a girl who was working there. I was like, “Oh hey is there water?” and she was like, “yeah, it’s $3 at the front desk” and I’m like “Oh, okay, well I guess I’ll have to pay for it” and then you showed up and you signed in and…

13:39 S2: Well yeah and I signed in and she asked me if I wanted water or not and I said yes and then she just gave me the water and that was that, end of conversation.

13:48 S1: Yeah, same.

13:49 S2: So I though that, yeah, this was something that’s in the price ’cause it could be in the price to be fair ’cause it’s not the cheapest workout I’ve been to. So at the end of the class I was checking my bank statement and yeah, the water was on it.

14:05 S1: Yeah, so essentially what happened is that Lilla got her water just from the front desk and I was like, “Okay, perfect” so I went up, grabbed some water and they just handed it over to me not saying much and then we got out of the class and I checked my email and it, I had a charge for $3 for this water which wasn’t, it’s not the biggest deal but it’s just like, they didn’t tell us they didn’t like…

14:23 S2: Yeah, it is a minor thing but it’s still… It adds for the high service experience.

14:30 S1: And I think that’s kind of like a little bit of the SoulCycle experience, it is a very luxurious experience, you know what I mean?

14:36 S2: Yeah people…

14:37 S1: And this was like the most expensive class. We paid 60 buck for three classes…

14:41 S2: For three classes which I think was still a good deal…

14:44 S1: Yeah, it was their intro price.

14:45 S2: Yeah because one class with them is $32.

14:48 S1: $32 and then I think you can buy packs of four to do once a week throughout the month and I think that’s 150 bucks. No, no, that’s not right, that’d be 100 bucks or something. We’ll leave that in the show notes. But it was one of the more expensive classes. And so and walking into even the change rooms and the showers and everything. Everything was pretty spa-like, I felt. It was a little clunky set up as far as where do we change, where are the showers? But they had face wash, hair conditioner, hair wash…

15:21 S2: They did have everything that we needed, yeah.

15:23 S1: And tonnes of towels and there was just… You could definitely see that what you’re paying for was being reflected in a way.

15:30 S2: Yeah. And then moving onto the class.

15:32 S1: Yeah, the class, yeah.

15:33 S2: Like the actual class. So for me it was honestly the music, the instructor the whole vibe, it was really good and I just enjoyed the entire workout. I never looked at my watch a single time which is I think, a major thing if you wanna keep on doing that workout or if you don’t just want to do that for the sake of burning x amount of calories but you actually want to, wanna have a good time, enjoy the workout versus…

16:03 S1: Yeah so I think something to mention is that on the SoulCycle bikes there is no dashboard with any numbers any… When you’re doing your torque, when you’re reaching down to move the thing from left to right to up the resistance, lower the resistance, you’re guessing, you’re just feeling through it, there’s no number to it and I think that’s the SoulCycle vibe, is that you’re just there to experience that class, get as much out of that class as you can as far as how you feel and what you feel about it.

16:33 S2: Yeah, so in this note. Actually my way of thinking about it is that the music should really dictate your speed and that’s something that I didn’t feel at Flywheel ’cause the music was not matching to the speed at all. Whereas SoulCycle, you do not have your numbers but you can set your pace based on the music, based on the rhythm and another thing, they do not, they do tell you if you should add some more resistance.

17:03 S1: Yeah, they definitely guide you through it.

17:05 S2: And at the same time, yeah, at Flywheel they give you an exact range but no-one… We are not… We don’t have the same fitness level. A guy here works our seven days a week and 28 years old super fit is not gonna have, is not gonna need the same resistance as I do.

17:27 S1: Yeah. And there was definitely a couple of guys like that in our class, where it was like, we took a version of Sou Cycle which is called Soul Activate which is like the HIIT version of SoulCycle and so they also added weights and it was a lot of more instructor-guided intervals and things like that. So there was one funny moment where there was a guy in our class who was sitting towards the front next to the mirror and as we were doing bicep curls with fairly light weights, he was checking himself out in the mirror. So I mean there’s that kind of atmosphere too. But no, I felt like the playlist in itself and the instructor and the way that she set it all out, it would just hit beats, you know what I mean? It felt like there was, it was super planned, it was super curated and that, there’s just a really… It just makes the workout flow so much better.

18:12 S2: Yeah and I also feel like there was a good balance between arms and just the actual cycling ’cause yeah we did arms at Flywheel as well but it was… They put less focus on the arms than actual cycling.

18:26 S1: Yeah. It was about five minutes, yeah.

18:27 S2: And that might have been the type of the class again but I kind of enjoyed having a bit more arms at Soul Cycle.

18:35 S1: Yeah, same, same. And then as far as the facilities go, the change room was, it was a little clunky.

18:44 S2: It was a bit chaotic but then I feel like the actual facilities are nice, everything is clean so…

18:52 S1: Yeah.

18:52 S2: And they provide you with everything that you would need.

18:55 S1: Yeah, totally, yeah.

18:56 S2: Yeah. How would you rate this one?

18:57 S1: Just the way that I felt. So during the class the instructor was also talking, was also touching on points of motivation, why you’re here, setting just intentions and I wasn’t sure of how out-there it would get. It was just like, you know, “Manifest your intentions and bike towards them,” or something, I wasn’t sure if that was what was gonna go on. But it was just like you set an intention to be at this class, just go for it blah, blah, blah and then I found myself leaving and just feeling really energized and…

19:27 S2: Yeah, same.

19:28 S1: Like really kind of full which is an amazing way to start the day.

19:33 S2: Start your day. I think so.

19:34 S1: And yeah, so just based on that experience and how I felt after. It’s a solid eight and a half, I would say.

19:40 S2: Yeah, so I like to see my numbers as well but for me it’s a lot more important to enjoy the class and after I left SoulCycle, I felt like I wanted to go back for another class, even the next day. Whereas Flywheel I didn’t have that feeling. So overall, I don’t know how many calories I burned but I still had fun, I enjoyed it, it was a really good workout so I would give it an eight and a half, nine-ish.

20:09 S1: Yeah. And like, and yeah that feeling of like, “I could do this again tomorrow” like I totally get the following that SoulCycle has now.

20:15 S2: Yeah and that is I think a really important thing unless you are all about numbers and you are really focusing on how many calories you’re burning a day then go for Flywheel.

20:25 S1: It’s way more cut and dry approach.

20:27 S1: And also if you do not really care about the music that much, ’cause there are people who don’t care about the music that much…

20:33 S1: Yeah, totally, yeah.

20:33 S2: Then go for Flywheel as well but if you need that extra motivation, definitely SoulCycle.

20:38 S1: Yeah and just for the full experience I think, SoulCycle ‘s definitely the way to go. Okay I’m excited to hear about your experience with…

20:44 S2: Oh, Peloton.

20:45 S1: Yeah, Peloton, yeah.

20:46 S2: Yeah so unfortunately Leslie couldn’t try it out with me because she had a little bit a neck injury.

20:50 S1: I hurt my neck because apparently my body has decided that I’m 80 years old so I threw my neck out somehow and so I was unable to experience Peloton but I am so excited to hear what your experience was like.

21:03 S2: Yeah, so Peloton. So I actually tried it out with our CEO Alex so it wasn’t a completely individual experience. So what they are trying to do is making this whole home cycling, home spinning thing a bit more social.

21:16 S1: Yeah, maybe we should explain what Peloton is a little bit for people who might not know. It’s essentially an at-home spin bike that has a mounted screen on it that faces towards you when you’re on it and essentially, it’s on-demand fitness classes.

21:30 S2: Yeah, so you can do on-demand and you can actually join, ’cause they do have a studio, they do have several studios I think.

21:36 S1: Yeah.

21:37 S2: And they have one in New York where they are actually recording the classes and then you can just join in online and watch the instructor and basically virtually be there for the class.

21:47 S1: Right.

21:48 S2: So yeah. This is how they’re trying to make the whole home spinning class a bit more social and well, for me it didn’t really come through if I’m being honest. It was still like a more alienated experience, you know what I mean.

22:01 S1: Yeah, I guess like is Peloton trying to make home spinning more social or you know social fitness classes a little bit more private?

22:10 S2: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

22:10 S1: I think there’s two sides to that coin.

22:12 S2: So the bikes. I was expecting something super high-tech ’cause it’s Peloton.

22:17 S1: It’s hyped so much.

22:17 S2: It is really hyped and they are asking a good price for it.

22:24 S1: Yeah, for sure. We’ll leave that price in our show notes.

22:26 S2: Yeah we will.

22:28 S1: We don’t do any ad hoc googling right now but we’ll leave it our show notes.

22:32 S2: So yeah, I was expecting something super high-tech but it was, it wasn’t feeling that high-tech, like even sitting on it.

22:38 S1: Did it feel like a basic bike essentially?

22:40 S2: Yeah, it felt like a basic bike. It felt like a basic bike with a massive screen. You do see your numbers on the screen so that’s something that’s similar to Flywheel and the set-up of it is quite easy. You basically just log-in to your account and then again it’s like personalized, you can see your previous stats, you can see your numbers and then once you join in the class, there is a constant leader board where you can see constantly your ranking, which is a good thing but at the same time there are 300 people doing a spin class which is, I did it in the morning San Francisco time so that was a really awkward time in New York about like midday. So I think 300 people is a minimal number of people who are usually in a class. So unless you are a professional cyclist, you are not really, you don’t really have a chance.

23:28 S1: It’s either like a hyper-competitive environment or a really disparaging environment.

23:31 S2: Yeah and then another thing was that obviously here you have to set up your own bike unless a Peloton… Someone from Peloton actually did go out and set it up for you but otherwise.

23:40 S1: Oh, do they have like…

23:42 S2: They do have that but if, for example, I tried it in a gym and obviously in a gym it’s not only you who’s using that one bike so you have to set it up for yourself which is fine if you’re a regular spinning class member but…

23:53 S1: Know how things work and things like that, yeah.

23:55 S2: Yeah. So that’s one thing and then my bike was a bit broken-ish, so for example my resistance controller was not working properly so when Alex…

24:06 S1: It wasn’t just a knob? It was something that you had to press or, what was the…

24:09 S2: No, it was the turning thingy.

24:12 S1: Oh, the knob yeah.

24:13 S2: The knob yeah.

24:14 S1: But it wasn’t working?

24:15 S2: No so it was working, I could add resistance but I had to, so for example when Alex was at 20 I had to like set it up to 40 ’cause yeah it was basically broken that way.

24:28 S1: Oh, gotcha.

24:29 S2: So the calories that I’ve burned were not like actually, it wasn’t measuring it well because of that and then on the leader board as well I was higher up than I should have been.

24:40 S1: You hacked Peloton.

24:43 S2: Yeah, basically. So yeah, that was something that… Yeah it was really good to see your numbers and everything, but I couldn’t actually tell what the real numbers were. And then the class itself, the instructor was super nice, we did a country ride which was…

24:57 S1: With country music?

24:58 S2: Yeah country music, which is not like I lived in Austin, Texas but it wasn’t real good live country music it was more like the, I don’t know, radio type of country music.

25:07 S1: Like Carrie Underwood.

25:08 S2: Yeah.

25:08 S1: Gotcha.

25:09 S2: It was fine but it was again, not my type of music but then the class itself…

25:14 S1: So was it a live class?

25:15 S2: Yeah, it was a live class, yeah.

25:16 S1: Oh gotcha, okay.

25:16 S2: That’s why I really wanted to compare the whole experience. Like the actual live class experience.

25:21 S1: Right.

25:22 S2: And it was a half an hour long class and I did enjoy it, I did get tired. I think I burned about the same amount of calories as with Flywheel but another glitch was that my bike shut down halfway through. So the bikes are not perfect apparently. Nothing is perfect but I was still expecting more from this.

25:42 S1: Yeah, no that’s like a big thing.

25:42 S2: And the whole experience, the thing that they’re trying to make it more social, it just didn’t come through for me.

25:49 S1: Right, you can only make that… You can only make strangers across the country spinning on a bike on a leader board so interactive, do you know what I mean?

25:57 S2: Yeah.

25:58 S1: But that’s a bummer, I didn’t realize because the bike itself is a pretty big expense so that’s like a pretty surprising thing that it would shut down and you had so many technical problems with it. ‘Cause in my head, Peloton ‘s been so built up where I would expect you to get on the bike and then almost to have, because it is controlled, it is computerized with this class that almost the resistance, would automatically change, you know, things like that.

26:23 S2: Oh yeah, like the most high tech.

26:24 S1: Do you know what I mean? Yeah the most high-tech.

26:27 S2: The more Silicon Valley-like experience.

26:29 S1: Yeah exactly but, huh. So would you do it again or?

26:34 S2: Okay so I think this is perfect for people who don’t have enough time or do have enough money. They don’t have enough time to go to classes and go to the gym, because this is really flexible. The convenience aspect of it is perfect. Imagine you can set it up in your bedroom and literally be at a class whenever you want to. And it’s still guided so you still get… The instructor was good so you still get some kind of a professional guidance you’re not just guessing how to ride. So that, in that sense, if someone gave me a Peloton bike as a gift, obviously I would it. But personally, I really like the social experience the whole social aspect of going to the gym and doing the spin class is really important for me so because of that I would probably not spend my money on a Peloton bike.

27:22 S1: Right so on a scale of one to ten, what would you say?

27:25 S2: I would say six.

27:26 S1: Six, yeah. And Peloton is also coming out with a treadmill and things like that and I think that so many people have heard about it but not enough people have tried it for people to really get a feel for what it’s like.

27:37 S2: But I mean, like treadmill what are you, are you… If you’re doing a running class that’s still different to be honest because running is not really a… I mean if you’re running on a treadmill, that would be an individual experience anyways so that might be a good idea to do.

27:50 S1: I think that’s going to be the next trend in boutique fitness classes.

27:54 S2: Oh yes.

27:54 S1: There’s like big treadmill classes.

27:56 S2: Oh my god.

27:56 S1: Do you know what I mean?

27:56 S2: That is something that is not for me.

28:00 S1: Yeah. I think it would be super loud or something but if you get a really quiet treadmill, I feel like that would be the next big thing. Anyway, that’s our new venture we’re gonna start, what would it be called, Soul, soul…

28:10 S2: Why is it Soul? We have to do something with Shape.

28:13 S1: Oh yeah.

28:14 S2: Shape Mill.

28:15 S1: Shape, yeah.

28:16 S2: The Shape Mill.

28:16 S1: The Shape Mill, yeah exactly. So for me, definitely SoulCycle is number one. It goes SoulCycle and then Flywheel and then.

28:21 S2: Yeah, lets do ranking overall. Soul Cycle yeah for me as well. Soul Cycle, Flywheel and then Peloton just because I’m really big on the whole social experience.

28:32 S1: Yeah and I was just super-impressed with SoulCycle ‘s overall experience, vibe, instructors, music, facilities, just amenities in general. It is a little bit more expensive but honestly the boost it gave me throughout the day if I could just get that once a week, totally worth it.

28:47 S2: Yeah, I completely agree, I completely agree.

28:49 S1: Yeah and if you guys try any classes feel free to reach out back to us. We would love to hear about your experience and what you think about SoulCycle or Flywheel or Peloton.

28:58 S2: Or if there is anything new out there. That we haven’t heard of just send us an email because I’d love to try that too.

29:05 S1: Yeah, totally. So thank you so much for joining us for this week’s episode of 20 Minute Fitness. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at podcast@20minute.fitness, we would love to hear your input and you can also find us on Twitter @shape_scale and you can also find us on Instagram @shapescale. So thanks so much for joining us and thanks for listening. Bye.

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Lilla Laczo

Lilla is a content writer and community manager at Shape.
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