How Tech Can Help To Hack Your Metabolism

20 Minute Fitness Episode #97

As we’re slowly getting back to our fall fitness routine, we wanted to dedicate today’s 20 Minute Fitness episode to a fundamental process of our body’s functioning: metabolism. One of the main purposes of our metabolism is to convert what we eat or drink into energy. And from an exercising point of view, our metabolism is linked to our energy expenditure, or in other words, the number of calories we burn.

Our metabolic rate is affected by several factors, such as age, gender, and genes. Hence, it cannot be artificially influenced by any gadget. However, there are certain natural “remedies” that can help boost your metabolism for a short period of time.

But if you’re looking for something more sustained, your focus should be around optimal nutrition and/or increasing your muscle mass. Press play to learn what innovations are out there that will help you achieve these and hopefully lead to boosting your metabolism in the long run!

Three Things You’ll Learn

1) A Training Suit That Will Hack Your Metabolism

As we said boosting your metabolism for good is not really possible with a simple magic trick. However, you can aim for increasing your muscle mass that will do the magic for you. One way to do this effectively is to optimize your training performance with a technology called Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS). EMS sends targeted electric impulses directly to your muscles to stimulate muscle contractions.

EMS is the central technology used by Balanx, “the world’s first personal whole body EMS training system”. It’s essentially a training suite with 20 electronic pads that you can attach to your body. The Hub, which is the brain of the system, generates the muscle-building electric signals & intelligently works out when to stimulate which muscle. This ultimately leads to optimal performance.

Tune in and hear more about how Balanx will help you shred calories faster and lead to increased muscle mass!

2) Are You In A Ketosis?

Another route to effectively lowering your body fat can be through following a specific diet. The ketogenic diet’s fundamental goal is to get you into ketosis, a state where your body breaks down fat molecules instead of carbs for energy. But how do you know if you are really in ketosis or not?

LEVL breath analyzer

LEVL has created a device that can help. The LEVL Ketone Analyzer is a breath analyzer for ketones and acetone. The device detects acetone from breath, which is in correlation with ketosis. Hence based on the acetone level of your breath, LEVL can actually calculate your state of ketosis.

Press play to learn about how the level of ketones in your body affects your fat-burning rate and what this means for your metabolism!

3) Reduce Your Cravings With An Electric Pulse

A critical factor in our weight loss journey will always be food. What and how much you eat have the biggest impact on your weight. While you might be on a battle to lose weight, your brain actually fights to keep your body at a predetermined weight. And if you go above or beyond, a specific area in your brain is stimulated that regulates appetite.

To overcome this, a neuroscientist built a device called Modius. Modius is a headset that is designed to help you reduce cravings, decrease appetite and help you lose weight. It sends a safe electrical pulse into a nerve found just below the surface of your skin behind your ear. And by stimulating this nerve it positively influences the brain’s area that controls appetite.

Find out more about Modius in today’s episode and how the headset will ensure that you’re eating the right amount and will help you fight slow metabolism!

Health & Wellness Brand Feature: Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon

The founders behind Magic Spoon were just like every kid, they loved munching on all the original sugary cereals in the morning. But as they grew up they realized that besides the good taste, those breakfast cereals offer nothing to our body, but empty carbs.

So wanting to keep the amazing tastes & the fun feeling with an added hint of health, they created Magic Spoon – a cereal that combines the best of both worlds.

So if you’re still looking for a guilt-free treat that tastes like a memory from your childhood, get a box of Magic Spoon for yourself! Go to magicspoon.com and get free delivery with the promo code: 20MINFITNESS!

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