How Tech Can Help You Run Faster

20 Minute Fitness Episode #99

On our final ‘How Tech Can Help’ episode on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast, we wanted to bring to you a widely popular form of exercise, which is running. However, rather than focusing just on running in general, Charlie will zoom in on a more performance-based angle.

Instead of generic apps and more basic fitness trackers, this week we introduce you to some of the more high-end running wearables and gadgets that will help you beat your personal records. Press play to get an insight into the tech that will make you run faster!

Three Things You’ll Learn

1) See & Hear Your Performance At The Same Time

You might have run with a pair of sunglasses on before, but it probably wasn’t as extra as the Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses. These Oakley glasses won’t just help you see the road clearer during your sunrise sessions, but also give you real-time coaching.

The Oakley Radar Pace has built-in headphones that provide you with feedback on your performance as you activate it with your voice. The glasses track a bunch of metrics, including power output, speed, cadence, distance and time, during your run and base your personalized experience on them.

After your run, you can access your metrics via their mobile app. Based on your personal stats, the app also sets up a training plan specifically designed for you and adjusts its difficulty according to changes in your performance. So as you improve, your zones will get harder and harder incentivizing you to run faster at every session!

Listen on to learn more about the Oakley Radar Pace and what other gadgets you can integrate it with for an even more comprehensive performance analysis!

2) Let’s Play a Game On The Treadmill

Unfortunately, you don’t always get to run outside surrounded by beautiful nature. Sometimes when you’re short on time or the weather doesn’t want you to leave the house, you gotta hop on that treadmill. Which, let’s be honest, is not the most entertaining activity of all. But there is a software that might change your opinion about this in a second.

Zwift will teleport you to an online virtual world that you have to power through with your avatar as you run. All you need for it is a monitor/iPad to see your virtual reality, and a pair of run pods, which are little gadgets that are attached to your trainers. These run pods will track your speed, distance, cadence, and power that are basically the fuel for the virtual avatar in the game.

Besides the individual training sessions, you can also join group runs and sign up for races. Both of which will help you improve your running pace over time. Tune in to hear more about the Zwift “running clubs” and how you can become a member!

3) Make Your Feet Smarter

It seems quite obvious to focus on our feet when we’re running. But what if I told you that besides taking step after step for you, your feet will also help out with some very important data collection? That’s right, the ARION Smart insoles with pressure-sensitive sensors and their accompanying train pods will track a bunch of metrics while you’re running.

They analyze your running biomechanics and track over 20 running metrics. These metrics include more basic data, such as distance, pace, and route. And more advanced metrics, like foot strike, step land, cadence, and stability. This information drives ARION’s AI coach that will progressively get to know you and personalize your plan more and more.

The app that comes with the ARION insoles is one of the most comprehensive running apps out there. Besides storing and analyzing your data, they will also provide you with a heatmap of your feat, an avatar with a biomechanics load analysis, and a lot more. Press play to find out what other features the AIRON insoles and their app can offer during and after your runs!

Health & Wellness Brand Feature: Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon

The founders behind Magic Spoon were just like every kid, they loved munching on all the original sugary cereals in the morning. But as they grew up they realized that besides the good taste, those breakfast cereals offer nothing to our body, but empty carbs.

So wanting to keep the amazing tastes & the fun feeling with an added hint of health, they created Magic Spoon – a cereal that combines the best of both worlds.

So if you’re still looking for a guilt-free treat that tastes like a memory from your childhood, get a box of Magic Spoon for yourself! Go to magicspoon.com and get free delivery with the promo code: 20MINFITNESS!

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