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A Look at the Future of Fitness Technology – 20 Minute Fitness #012

20 Minute Fitness #12

We’ve just come back from Las Vegas from exhibiting ourselves with ShapeScale at CES – the largest annual consumer electronics show of the world. Charlie took some time off our booth to visit a few other health and fitness technology companies.

This podcast is a look at the 2018 Consumer Electronics (CES) Convention! Many new, exciting, and innovative Fitness Technology products were out on display this year. From virtual reality workout, to amazing wearable tech, to headphones that prime your brain for peak performance.

Team Shape also had a booth in Eureka Park and were displaying ShapeScale, the 3D Body Scanning Scale to the audience. We thought it would be really exciting to make our way around the exhibition and interview some of the most innovative companies that are combining technology and fitness/healthcare to make it easier for us to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

Listen to what is was like on the floor at CES! Included in this episode are interviews with emerging fitness technology companies about the inspiration behind their product and where they see their product going.

You will hear interviews with LifeFuels, the water bottle of the future and Modius, a wearable that can aid with weight loss. We also discuss a company called Skiin, working on integrated technology apparel and Icaors, a VR flight simulation, fitness device. As well as Halo Neuroscience, the headphones incorporating neuropriming.

Please note, our recording environment wasn’t ideal and some of the interviews may have a lot of background noise due to the noise level on the show floor. We are very sorry for that!

Anyways, noise issues aside, listen to this 20 Minute Fitness episode to see where fitness technology is going in 2018. 👍

Read more about ShapeScale’s experience at CES 2018

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COO and Co-Founder of Shape. Enjoys tackling video games at high difficulty and crazy, muddy obstacle course races.

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